Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Amazing How Time Flies By.

Karel Teige 

It's amazing how time flies by, it did seem like it was 15.00 1 min and the next it was 17.25, so Richie has taken the dogs for an hours play in the Rembrandts park.

They were very excited and it was awfully difficult for Richie to get their collars and leads on them, because they were jumping around barking for the joy of going out.

I'm sure right now, the dogs are running around having a brilliant time and soon they'll be back demanding their dinner, it's their favourite tonight, tripe.

Amazingly now it's 18. 31 the sun has come out and it looks very nice outside in a total contrast to the rest of the day.

The last two nights I've gone to sleep relatively easy, only to be woken on both nights by loud noises.

On Saturday it was Cyril, who started barking, Richie reckons it was a bad dream as he was still fast asleep while he was barking.

Last night it was a couple people outside, at 03.30 in the morning they, had to have a shouted conversation right outside our bedroom window.

Both nights I could not get back to sleep again, so regretfully I had to wake Richie and ask him for some THC vapour to help me sleep once again.

Both times it worked excellently and before I could count any more sheep I was asleep again.

I slept through very well, and was only woken many hours later when my arms were suddenly both very tightly folded on my chest.

And to make it worse my fingernails were stuck into the palms of my hands, this happens every day as soon as I begin to wake up.

Sadly there's nothing I can do about it, apart from trying to relax and hope that that will have an effect, eventually the tension eases, and my day can begin.


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