Monday, July 02, 2012

Illusion And Make-Believe


Goncalo Ivo
Pano de Costa, 2009
Yesterday was the final of the Euro 2012 Football Tournament, it was between Italy and Spain, the winners of the 2008 Euro as well as the 2010 World Cup.

We were hoping for another wonderful performance from Italy, like the one against Germany, where Mario Ballotelli scored two great goals in the first 15 minutes.

Which set the tone for the entire game, and Italy beat Germany 2-0, we were both hoping for such a performance last night.

While Italy did force Spain to play differently for the first half, it also meant that it was difficult for them to keep the ball as Spain constantly took control.

During the first 15 min of the game David Silva headed in a goal and within another 4 minutes Xavi Hernandez had made it two, well before half time.

Italy had played well during the whole tournament but any hopes of a comeback were extinguished when their third substitute Thiago Motta suffered a hamstring injury within minutes of coming on.

It left Italy with nobody else to bring on, so they had to play on with 10 men, which left them vulnerable.

Fernando Torres got the third goal followed by a fourth from Juan Mata who scored within minutes of coming on.

Spain could have scored more goals, but fortunately Buffon Italy’s great goalkeeper saved the others.

It was very sad to see the disappointed Italian team at the end of the game, the Spanish team and supporters on the other hand were jubilant.

How typical of these tournaments to produce surprises, like Spain winning the tournament for the second time.

I hope another team wins next time to keep the Euro tournament interesting, it would be dreadful if it always was the same few teams who won every time.

It would feel like the illusion of our democratic elections when it is always a matter of choosing one of the same parties each time, not a real choice I think, just make-believe that we have the ability to choose freely.

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