Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everything Went Well.

Oscar Dominguez.

Last night, Richie and I decided to change the catheter after Milou, the wound nurse had been to check on the progress of the pressure wound today.

After Milou had taken a swab and a photo of the wound she left again not before she made an appointment for three weeks time on 8th of August.

I was trying to remain calm cool and relaxed, but wasn't really fooling either myself or Richie that I was any of those things, nevertheless I did remain calm.

Richie got me some THC vapour which I slowly inhaled by simply by placing the tube in my mouth.

Quite soon I felt myself becoming relaxed, despite noticing that Richie had been getting all the equipment assembled for the catheter change.

Watching this made me a touch apprehensive but I managed to stay pretty relaxed despite this little wobble.

Richie had no sooner got everything he needed when he started the procedure, before I knew it, Richie had emptied the catheter balloon.

Then he removed the old catheter, which I hardly noticed except for a momentary tingle and then it was out and thrown in the bin.

When I asked if he was about to put the new catheter in, Richie told me it had already been inserted, this time I had felt nothing.

Really brilliant, the whole procedure went very well, without any problems or any discomfort for me.

Richie had to laugh because apparently I looked massively relieved and overjoyed when he told me that the new catheter had been inserted.

The news about the catheter was the best news ever at that moment, as soon as I heard those words, the tension in my shoulders evaporated away.

Now it's done I feel wonderful, it really was a weight off my shoulders, only when it was gone did I realise what a burden it had been.

After a wonderful pampering shower, Richie dressed, perfumed me and put earrings in my ears and rings on my fingers.

Then he installed me comfortably back in bed where I am enjoying writing this post and looking forward to enjoying this evening with my Darling Richie.


Che koala said...

yay, lovely Herrad

always humbling reading about how capable and expert you both are in managing all these complexities and challenges

thank you for all that you share :))


Webster said...

Three cheers for Ritchie for a job well done. This is the way it should be each time. Now here's to another six weeks of no issues with it. And I am hoping your wound will heal up SOON, darn it.

Best to you. (Got your message re: blood sports (wasn't sure of that, now I know), and I admire Ali as well ... just don't like watching the sport of boxing,

Herrad said...

hello Che koala,
thanks your kind comment, thank you also for reading.

Hello Webster,
I agree they should definitely be three cheers for Richie. The wound looks good but is still not healed. Very frustrating.

Thank you to dear friends coming by and leaving your supportive comments.
Love Herrad