Sunday, July 08, 2012

Who Knows.

 Jan Toorop
It's amazing that after a miserable looking day, which was preceded by rain all night and then suddenly at 19.00 there is a glimmer of sunshine.

I'm watching the television without the sound so that I can dictate today's post while at the same time watching the final at Wimbledon between Andy Murray and Roger Federer.

Tennis really is not something that interests me greatly; however it would be brilliant if Murray were to win against Federer.

It's been really amusing hearing English radio and TV describe Andy Murray as British, when he got to the final.

The BBC had Go Andy on the screens, nice to hear them being so encouraging about Murray; I hope it continues regardless of the outcome of the match.

Despite really not being interested in tennis I wish now that I understood scoring then maybe I would know exactly what was going on.

My disinterest in tennis occurred because of what happened at a school I attended in England. 

I started there in September 1964 and happily played hockey which I've never done before, I enjoyed it tremendously and I was very good at it too once I had been shown how to play.

The summer term meant that instead of hockey we would now have to play tennis, of which I also did not have any experience.

In Trinidad I had enjoyed playing rounders at school which I was good at and I was always picked to play in the school team.

When the tennis teacher heard that I could not play tennis, instead of showing me how to play she gave me a racket and a ball and told me to go and hit the ball against the fence surrounding the court.

I thought this was just a one off but every time we had tennis that was what I was doing, it was horrible for me, extremely boring too.

Basically the teacher could not be bothered to do the job she was paid for; instead she opted to do nothing to help me learn how to play tennis.

Because this teacher was not interested enough to do her job I never learnt how to play, what a shame, maybe I would have been good at tennis.

I am sure that if the tennis teacher had done her job, I would have enjoyed playing, and who knows maybe I would have been good at it too.

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KParthasarathi said...

Sad the teacher failed in her job to teach you to play annd more to encourage you.But that should not deter your enjoying the game.I watch wrestling and enjoy it even if I cannot wrestle.Me too wished Andy would win and thus bring a Wimbledon cup for Englannd after 76years.He could have done it but the cool Roger has more experience and skill
I enjoyed your great writing skill