Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Keeping Calm.

Oscar Dominguez

Today is another dreary, grey, overcast cool day which is more suitable for the end of October than the 17th of July which it is.

This week is when my catheter gets changed again; I hope that this time Richie will be able to get the new catheter in without any problems.

The last time it took a little time before Richie could insert it, and the time before it took hours and even calling the doctor did not help.

Richie got it in that time because he changed the angle of insertion, last time it worked because he used the thinner catheter, it had been a 16 now it is a size 14.

The size is of no interest to me what really matters, is that it happens as quickly as possible, it's a shame there has been some problems with changing catheters.

As I was fairly relaxed about the whole procedure, I began to realise that any discomfort I experienced would only be of a brief duration, a matter of seconds.

But since it has been a problem twice is got me feeling quite apprehensive about the procedure, which I know I really don't have to be.

Not sure that I can really do too much about this anxiety apart from relaxing and focusing that nervous energy into other activities.

Such as writing my posts for my blog and concentrating on other things, it works to an extent but it does not stop me thinking about the change of catheter.

Tomorrow Milou, the wound nurse will visit here, to check on the progress of my wound, I hope that there is noticeable change since she was last here.

Two of my least favourite things happening in the same week, no wonder I'm feeling so apprehensive.

Now to convince myself that I really don't have to be nervous about either of these events, either changing the catheter or seeing Milou.

Seeing Richie and the dogs coming back from the park will change my mood as well as make me smile and enjoy the evening in the company of Richie.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

It is difficult. Try to breathe in and out, pursed lips. The stoma where the catheter goes in can narrow with time as it has a little. Best wishes. love, mary

Herrad said...

Hello Mary,
thanks for your visit and comment, your advice is appreciated.
Love Herrad