Monday, July 30, 2012

Freedom From Intolerance.

Roberto Matta. 

The recently resigned Dutch coalition government, which had included a rag bag of political parties so that the Christian Democrats and the Liberal party, the VVD could form the government.

The strict Reformed Church Party, the SPG, the party of Geert Wilders called the PVV, which means the Party of Freedom were some of those willing to support the two main parties; anything to get into government.

Far from being the Party of Freedom, the PVV only seem to want to restrict freedom, especially for the sick, vulnerable, handicapped, unemployed and all Muslims as well as Eastern Europeans.

The PVV recently had an anti-Polish website where they actively encourage all people to report any antisocial behaviour by Polish people.

The President of the European Union criticised the PVV and called for the immediate removal of this provocative anti-Eastern European website.

This also caused a lot of tension between the Netherlands and Poland which could have escalated; Poland was already discussing cessation of any trade between the countries.

This was narrowly avoided when the PVV were ordered to remove it immediately by the Dutch government, which they did.

Wilders then had a go at Turkey and Turkish people, totally forgetting the strong bonds between the Netherlands and Turkey.

His timing for these attacks could not have been worse, as it coincided with a formal State visit of the Turkish President Gul to the Netherlands.

Because of these actions of Geert Wilders and the PVV, the government lost their mandate and they had to hand in their resignation.

Wilders is against the European Union, because as long as the Netherlands is signed up to the EU Treaty he cannot proceed with his racist and fascist agenda.         

The main parties of the now defunct government had been so desperate for power that they tolerated the smaller more extreme party’s agendas.

One of which was to curtail the use of Coffee Shops, where cannabis is sold; it was to stop tourists using them as well as to restrict the number of customers each shop could sell to.

Researchers have already discovered a lot of problems with this new policy; the biggest is that people are starting to buy from street dealers.

Tourists in the south of the Netherlands where the cannabis passports have already been introduced are buying from the street.

The other group are residents that are not willing to have their details registered in a database which is kept for many years.

The police have access to this database, which they seem to use to check whether anybody has outstanding fines.

The negative effects of driving people away from legal Coffee shops is that they will buy from street dealers, who also sell illegal drugs such as heroin, speed, crack, ecstasy and cocaine.

As well as all these hard drugs, there is no guarantee that the cannabis and hashish the street sellers have is not mixed with other things.

It is not unusual to get hashish from a street dealer, which has been mixed with various things such as rubber; smoking hashish which is contaminated like that can have unpleasant side-effects.

In September there will be new elections and other parties will get in, who do not have the right wing agenda that the last coalition government had.

The new government will hopefully be realistic and pragmatic enough to realise that they cannot afford to lose the tax money which is generated by the Coffee Shops and tourism.



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