Friday, July 27, 2012

Mellow Moments.

Oscar Dominguez.

Despite the heat wave we are having right now I'm managing to stay reasonably cool.

This is marvellous because it means I don't feel terrible all the time, as I would do if we did not have this temporary air cooling solution.

The appointment for the installation of the air conditioning on Tuesday afternoon is something I'm very much looking forward to.

It would be brilliant if they can install a mobile air-conditioning unit that allows the hot air to be expelled outside, so the system can work properly.

Right now I think we're getting too much hot air inside, as we can't hang the ventilator tube out of the window.

Which explains why sometimes I feel warm air instead of cool air, however our system of having a small electric fan right next to me working in tandem with a conditioning seems to work.

Richie has taken the dogs to the park now, where I'm sure they're running around barking their heads off, which must be a beautiful sight.

The weather seems to be changing now, as the clouds have become very thick and there is now a dense cloud cover over the city.

It looks as if it could rain at any moment, seems that the brief summer heat wave is already coming to an end after only five days.

This is very sad for all those enjoying the hot weather, I wish I could enjoy it too and I do as long as I can stay cool.

There's nothing lovelier than seeing the street outside bathed in sunshine and hearing the mellow sounds of happy neighbours, I love it.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing Richie coming back from the park with those lovely dogs, when my darling Richie is back we will enjoy the evening together.


Diane J Standiford said...

Luckily, I never gave a hoot about heat or sunny summer days. I'd be sad without them now, but no complaints, I am lucky to live is cool Seattle. ENJOY YOUR EVENING!

Herrad said...

hello Diane,
really lovely to see your comment, I wish we lived in cool Seattle too.
Thanks for your visit, shame we can't really visit each other, I'm sure we would all be friends.
I hope you enjoy your evening too.
Love Herrad