Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thunder And Lightning

Oscar Dominguez 

Yesterday evening when Richie and the dogs were in the park, I saw dark clouds and thought that any moment there would be a thunderstorm.

Luckily nothing happened while Richie was in the park, and the dogs had a great time.

Later on after we had gone to sleep there was a thunderstorm which went on for hours, every time I thought it was finished there was another roll of thunder.

It was accompanied by torrential rain which lasted all night until it was daylight.

The noise of the storm and the rain was soon replaced by the sound of birds on the bird feeder outside the bedroom window.

There were jackdaws who like the fat balls and parakeets that come for the peanuts as well as blue and great tits.

We have been thinking about putting a web cam on the balcony so that we can see exactly which birds visit our bird feeder.

A couple weeks ago a woodpecker was one of the visitors; at our last apartment we saw 24 types of birds in the garden behind us.

We saw sparrows in the garden but since we're live here I have not seen any not surprisingly as they like to stay close to the ground.

The other reason we don't see them so much is that they are becoming almost extinct in the Netherlands.

Despite the storm last night I somehow managed to sleep which was good, today is the third day of the bacteria treatment and it is going well.

Next week Tuesday Richie has an appointment with our doctor, so she can take swabs in order to check if the treatment has been successful.

I expect we will have to wait at least a week to get the results back from the laboratory so we have to be patient and hope it has worked.

It will be brilliant if Richie is finally cured of this horrible skin infection which has been so painful for him for the last four years.


Gareth said...

Hey there nice to read that the treatment going well and about all the bird activity going on, Now we are back home Paul is feeding them and we have coal tits blue tits Sparrows and blackbirds so far:) We had a thunder storm here this afternoon and monsoon type rain that was bouncing of the slabs. Wish ya a plesant weekend

Herrad said...

Hello Gareth,
always lovely to see your comment thanks for coming by. Lovely to hear about the birds in your garden I bet you'll be seeing a lot more soon.
We've of a thunderstorm every day.
I will be a lovely weekend too.
Love Herrad