Thursday, July 05, 2012

Shocking News.

Jan Muller, 1957.

Today I'm recovering from an extremely humid day yesterday, as well as the shock of hearing the latest news about the air conditioning.

The friend, who represented me at my appeal hearing on 9th of May against the Amsterdam Councils decision to refuse me urgently needed air conditioning, telephoned them yesterday.       

She wanted to find out for me when the council intended to get around to actually installing the air conditioning.

She was informed that another e-mail with more questions for me to answer was sent on 12th of June, when they did not get a reply they sent a  letter on 19th of June.

The letter was to inform me that the advice was negative and they were closing the case immediately.

Both my friend and I were shocked at this news, the only e-mail I received on 12th of June was one from the investigator Hans de Graaf explaining his investigation.

In the e-mail he apologised if he'd upset me, that was not his intention however he did have to ask questions.

Apart from his apology and explanation there were no questions in this e-mail nor did I receive any letters in the post from either the investigator or the council.

This afternoon I sent an e-mail to Hans de Graaf, it was very short and to the point I just said no e-mail with questions was received on the 12th of June neither had I had a letter in the post.

I asked for an explanation as to why the case was now closed, I wonder when I will get response, as its July I stand more of a chance of getting an out of office reply.

This really is an incredible state of affairs; it is as if Amsterdam Council were above the law by deciding arbitrarily to close the case.

I almost want to re-read the court decision of the 16th of June which informed me that my case had been accepted by the court and I had won my appeal.

It was particularly horrible to get this news on the hottest day so far this summer, on Tuesday it was 18° and yesterday it went up to 28° and it was humid.

The humidity made me feel physically sick and I could not do much on the computer, my left index finger was floppy and could not function at all.

The air conditioning is a vital necessity for me now, yet Amsterdam Council seems to think that is not urgently needed.

They have Zero understanding about disabilities especially the effects of a debilitating disease like Multiple Scleroses.

Their only interest is in their careers not in the people they are supposed to be assisting, burocrats love ticking boxes and saving money.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

They are completely out of touch with humanity. I hope there can be someone to represent you and free you from this unnecessary suffering. Love, mary

Patrick said...

help with cooling is unimaginable considering the known worsening of neurological symptoms of MS when the body gets overheated was first reported in 1890 by Dr. Wilhelm Uhthoff, at University of Marburg, Germany. Uhthoff's Phenomena has been medically recognized for 122 years.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Webster said...

Oh Herrad, I am so sorry. This really stinks for you. It is a wonder that this system of medical care can persist; I am surprised that there aren't more demonstrations against these types of abuse.

Stay calm, stay optimistic.

Hugs to you.

Unknown said...

What BS...sucking out every precious ounce of your energy, exacerbating an already stressed situation...such cruelty is unimaginable but here we have you heaps...Big hugs..XXXX

Muffie said...

Maybe what you could do is to list their email address and all of your followers and then their followers could harass them with emails until they give in. Or start a protest on Facebook.