Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Boxing Contest.

Oscar  Dominguez.

Yesterday evening late we watched the boxing contest at West Ham’s football ground Upton Park, East London between David Hay and Derek Chisora.

David Hay came on to the familiar tune of McFadden and whitehead’s Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, he was totally concentrated on the fight ahead not a flicker of emotion visible in his face.

His entrance was simple, David Hay walked towards the ring wearing his blue white and red boxing shorts and a red T-shirt and with an umbrella held over his head to shield him from the pouring rain.

There were 40,000 spectators present at the venue, the rain could not dampen the crowds excited anticipation of the fight.

Derek Chisora’s entrance was more dramatic he was wearing a long coat with a hood which made him look like a ghoulish character from Star Wars.

The fight started immediately with a dynamic confrontation between the two boxers, Derek looked in good form.

Round one went to David Hay, as did the next three rounds, although Derek Chisora put up a good fight it became obvious that David had the upper hand .

This became more noticeable in round four and in round five David knocked Derek to the ground with a classic two punch combination, a huge left and a massive right punch.

The referee counted Derek back to his feet and the fight resumed but not for long as David Hay knocked him down for the second time with three left hooks and two left hooks all in one combination.

The fight was over in five rounds, and David Hay was the winner, when it was all over David Hay and Derek Chisora embraced, their enmity now forgotten.

Derek praised David and in his turn David Hay was complimentary about Derek Chisora saying there was no doubt in his mind that Derek was a future champion.

David Hay managed to knock out Derek Chisora in the fifth round something that the world middleweight champion Vitali Klitschko could not manage in their 12 round fight in Munchen, Germany earlier in the year.

David Hay winning was exactly what the crowd wanted to happen, Derek Chisora demonstrated that he was not only a good fighter but an honourable one too something that will be to his advantage in the future.


awb said...

Ah, the sweet science! Love watching, almost as much as I loved doing.

Webster said...

Herrad! I must say that I am surprised that you take such an interest in boxing. It is such a blood sport. It really doesn't seem like your thing. Maybe you have us all bamboozled into thinking you're such a sweetheart. Hmmmmmmm.

Herrad said...

Hello Andy,
Good to see your comment thanks for visiting.Richie used to box too.

Hello Webster,
wonderful to see your provocative comment. Richie likes boxing so I often watch too.I particularly like David Hay one of the boxers, he won the contest.
what interests me is how they not only confront each other physically but also mentally.

Thank you both of you dear friends for visiting me, I wish we could do it for real that would be lovely.
Take care.
Love Herrad

Herrad said...

Hello again,
I forgot to say blood sports involve killing small defenceless animals. Hunting foxes, shooting pheasants, the other thing I forgot to say,is that I was and still am a big Ali fan.
Love Herrad