Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally Good News.

Oscar Dominguez 

The other day I had an e-mail from Richie's sister telling me that when she tried to access my blog she got a warning that there was malware on it.

I received no warning from Google, nor has anybody else mentioned this to me, the night I got Aud's e-mail Richie could access my blog without getting any warning.

If anybody else has seen a warning about malware could they please let me know, and if they know how to get rid of it on the blog that would be even better.

I did have a warning about malware on my blog living with MS on Blog. com,when I read the information about the warning it became clear that there was no evidence of malware actually on that blog.

I hope that nobody else has had a warning about malware on my Google blog and it proves to also be a false alarm.

It is very worrying however as I would hate to think my blog had been hijacked and was being used to attack other peoples computers.

Yesterday my friend Anja called Mrs Yildiz from Amsterdam Councils legal department who is responsible for making the decision about my air conditioning.

Apparently Mrs Yildiz has decided to ignore the negative advice from Hans de Graaf, the investigator, and give me air conditioning.

She would not give Anja any details just that I would be getting air conditioning and it would be installed by a council department.

So I still don't know whether it is a mobile air conditioning unit or the whole apartment, I will have to wait to receive the letter informing me of the Council’s decision.

I don't care which type of air conditioning I get as long as it works well and I no longer have to endure sudden hot weather.

It has been quite a struggle to get Amsterdam Council to give me air conditioning.

As soon as I get a letter from the council, I will inform ANGO, the National organisation for the handicapped who I hope will be able to use this legal precedent to help other people apply for air conditioning.

So it seems that finally there is some good news which is really brilliant, it just shows you that if you persevere you will get a result.


Webster said...

You have a good friend in Anja. I hope you get a good system of A/C that works well for you.

I, too, get really weak in the heat, but so far this year it's been rather cool. Even on the days that are in the high 70'sF it sure doesn't feel like it. Probably because there haven't been enough of them for the heat to build up. So no need for a/c here this year.

I hope Ritchie's skin issue gets better soon as well. Take care.

Have Myelin? said...

I got a warning that your blog was "malware" so I went away but knew it was probably a glitch. I wouldn't stay away for a glitch.

Hope you get a good AC system. Take care!

Herrad said...

Hello Webster,
you are right Anja is a good friend.
Despite it being a cooler summer it has been interspersed with some really hot days as well as quite a lot of humid days.
Thank the good wishes for Richie.

Hello Sherry,
I was a bit concerned when I heard from Richie's sister that she had seen the same warning. She contacted blogger who seem to have sorted everything.
I do hope that I get a good air conditioning system and soon too.
Take care.

Thanks to you dear friends coming by a lovely to see your comments.
Take care of yourselves.
Love Herrad