Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking It Easy.

Oscar Dominguez. 

Last night the combination of the air conditioning unit in the hall and the fan next to my bed, allowed me to sleep well.

This afternoon I had an excellent physiotherapy session with Mathilde, the   physiotherapist who comes here twice a week.

The sessions always do me a lot of good, my arms and shoulders are much less tense than they were before Mathilde massaged them after we did the exercises.

Today I've decided to take it easy and enjoy the fact that the room is pleasantly cool despite the outside temperature being above 30°.

On Monday afternoon Richie saw the doctor, because he was starting to feel the first signs of his skin complaint happening again.

He should have started taking the antibiotics that night in order in order to prevent it spreading.

Due to some mix-up, Richie did not get the antibiotics until yesterday which means it has developed from itchy fingers to being extremely painful.

If only the antibiotics had been brought around on Monday, Richie would not be in such discomfort.

This stage it reached yesterday is when Richie fingers start to lose a layer of skin, this makes doing anything painful for him.

Hopefully now he has started taking the tablets they will halt the further progress of this nasty skin complaint.

My plan now is to post this once I have found a picture for this piece, then I intend to relax and enjoy the evening together with Richie.


awb said...

Good luck to Ritchie. Did you guys watch any of the olympic soccer?

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Glad you are cooler. Hope Richie gets better! Have a great weekend. Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hello Andy,
yes we have watched the Olympic football and enjoyed it very much looking forward to more.

Hello Mary,
it was a relief when it got cooler. I hope you had a good day today and enjoy the coming weekend.

Thanks you two dear friends coming by leaving comments I really appreciate them.
Love Herrad