Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Enjoy Sitting

Oscar Dominguez.

Yesterday suddenly it became warm, for the first time this summer, it is has been cool, grey and overcast with a lot of rain, often under storms.

The only warm weather was in April, cool weather started in May, and continued in June, the 21st of June is Midsummer and supposed to be the longest day.

This year it was the most miserable day, the city had a thick cloud cover all day, there was not a glimmer of sunshine and instead of it being the longest day it was a gloomy day and by 18.30 in the evening it was dark.

Not what I call Midsummer and since then it has not improved, it has been a miserable summer, sadly one which suited me very well as I cannot cope with the heat anymore.

During the day yesterday I managed to cope with a fan right next to me, this was good as long as there was also cool breeze coming in the window, as soon as the breeze stopped it became unpleasant.

That was the situation around 23.00 so Richie got our mobile air-conditioning unit and put it in the hall next to the toilet so that the hot air would escape through the ventilator.

Not all does, which means that the hot air gets into the hall as well as the bedroom and because my bed is at the end of the room I don't get full benefit of the cool air.

As the airco cannot reach into the bedroom the best Richie could do was position it in the doorway and leave the fan on next to me so that cool air will be circulated around the room.

Not a perfect system but the best we can do at the moment, it meant I could sleep without any interruptions last night and I've been relaxed today and not feeling any of the ill effects that I felt yesterday.

This afternoon I received confirmation that the appointment for the installation of the air-conditioning was next Tuesday the 31st and I received the confirmation that I will get Seetech on the 7th of August.

At 14.30 I had an appointment with Kees van Roekel, from Welzorg, this was the final evaluation of the bed support system which I got at the end of February, today I received another foam rubber support for my hip.

 This extra support by my hip will stop my hip moving this causes me to slump to the left, as soon as I got it this afternoon it improved my life, Richie has only had to do two small adjustments of my left shoulder since 14.30 when I got the additional support.

That is really good seeing as it's now 20.00, that is 5 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sitting, which is absolutely brilliant this really is the best thing that has happened recently, it has given me back the pleasure of sitting without needing constant help.

It's amazing that such a small piece of foam propping up my hips on either side has enabled me to sit comfortably in one position, this is really brilliant, Kees is an excellent engineer for coming up with this solution at this moment.

This will allow me to enjoy sitting in bed without slumping and needing Richie's help and assistance constantly, I feel like a load has been lifted from my shoulders, well done Kees from Welzorg. 


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great news...Keep cool as you can! Love, Mary

Tracey's Life said...

Congratulations on the good news of your airconditioning and being able to sit up Herrad!

Herrad said...

Hello Mary,
I agree it is great news.
I'm keeping as good as I can.

Hello Tracy,
thank you for your good wishes.

thank you to you two dear friends for visiting and leaving comments.
Love Herrad