Tuesday, July 03, 2012

THC Helps Me.

Patrick Jones
 It is another grey dreary looking day; Richie says that despite how it looks it is a mild day outside.

He has taken the dogs to the local park from which they will return excited and looking forward to their dinners.

Judging by their excitement before they left, and the fact that Richie had been down to the pet shop it must be tripe for their dinner.

It took Richie sometime to get me sitting well, I'm glad he did because I'm still sitting good, some 40 minutes later which is excellent.

Of course keeping my position is helped by the fact that it's not ridiculously warm, as it often is at this time of year.

Now that the Euro 2012 football tournament is over everything seemed a little flat the day after which is often the case after such a competition.

Still it's not long to go now and the new football season 2012/13 will be starting in August which I am looking forward to.

Angela a good friend from England will be visiting us from 9th of August until 13th of August, I was hoping to be able to go out with her but it's not looking very likely at this moment.

Just like I had hoped to have gone out when our lovely friend Jaya visited us at the beginning of May and that very sadly did not happen, and I am still in bed now.

I'm still doing my best to remain optimistic that the open wound will heal so that I can sit in my wheelchair again, hopefully while it's still summer.

We were really so hopeful in February when the old pressure wound scar broke open that it wouldn't take long.

Now it's already over four months since the 23rd of February when Richie discovered blood on my leggings.

Usually I manage to put it out of my mind and just concentrate on getting on with daily life; it often pops into my mind as I am drifting off to sleep.

The effect of such a thought always wakes me up and I have to do my best to forget about it and concentrate on not thinking.

So often trying not to think only seems to produce more thoughts, what does seem to work is to imagine being somewhere else.

One that works for me is imagining that I'm in a lighthouse looking out to sea and I'm watching the waves crashing against the rocks below.

Last night I had no such problems as the THC soon had me drifting off to sleep.


Diane J Standiford said...

I can't wait to try this.

Webster said...

It really does amaze me at how long it takes for these wounds to heal. For as strong as we must be, we really are quite fragile. I guess make that: Fragile of body, Warriors of spirit. Yeah, I like that much better.

Keep healing.