Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good News..

Oscar Dominguez

Today I've received some good news; the first was from Werner, the salesman/advisor from RTD Het Dorp that my health insurance has given the go-ahead for Seetech.

What a relief it was to get the news that finally I would be getting the eye controlled software which I've been asking for since February last year.

Right now I don't care as long as I get it as soon as possible, so that I can learn how to use it, hopefully I'll become Seetech literate quite quickly.

The other good news came in the form of a registered letter from Mrs Yildiz from the Amsterdam council’s legal department.

It was a long densely written bureaucratic letter which went through point by point what the council’s duty of care to the handicap was.

As well is outlining exactly in what circumstances an application for air conditioning would be agreed to.

While stating in the letter that I won my appeal, it also mentions that there could be a problem with abnormal levels of heat in this apartment.

In the letter it says that the investigator Hans de Graaf from Mozaak had asked me this question as well is whether I asked my landlords for assistance with my problem with the heat.

The letter states that because I did not cooperate with this part of the investigation, and that is the reason in negative decision had been made by the investigator.

I of course answered all the questions including those two, informing the investigator of the problem was my MS which my landlord could not help me with.

Mrs. Yildiz goes on to explain that she has decided to overturn the negative decision and give me air conditioning.

The letter does not tell me what type of air conditioning I will get nor does it tell me who will install it or when we can expect it to happen.

Seeing as its holiday time right now in the Netherlands, I will have to wait a bit longer to hear.

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