Friday, July 20, 2012

Something To Look Forward To..

Oscar Dominguez
Amazingly the sun came out after lunch and it's been a sunny afternoon with big fluffy clouds drifting by, they are now getting denser as well as dark.

So for once the whole afternoon has been pleasant, the kids playing on the play area opposite certainly sound like they're enjoying it very much.

Hopefully Richie and the dogs will be back from the park before the dark ominous clouds start to shower us with torrential rain as it did night before last.

It has been a really bad summer over here, very worrying for farmers as well as people’s allotments and vegetable/fruit and flower gardens.

Global warming does not mean long warm summers; instead it seems to mean intolerable heat waves for some, while for others like in Northern Europe now it means cool, wet weather, not summer weather.

Recently I've needed a lot more adjustments of my position in bed as well as in the shower chair, some days it feels like I'm constantly needing Richie's help.

But every now and again, like right now I'm sitting reasonably well a whole hour after Richie last adjusted my position, I am slightly leaning to the left but I can keep dictating without any problem.

The Dragon voice recognition software is good, although it can be quite frustrating at times when it writes something I did not say.

When the dogs start barking I have to try to switch the microphone off quickly otherwise I get sentences of either gobbledygook or just a series of are.

Often a whole sentence will appear that I never once mentioned, just now there were two sentences full of random words.

One thing I've noticed is that the speech recognition software does not recognise swear words so if I want to use them I have to enter them into the vocabulary.

I've entered quite a few names, strangely there are few that don't get recognised even after I've enter them into the vocabulary.

I was phoned by somebody from RTD Het Dorp, who wanted to make an appointment for them to bring me the Seetech computer.

When I received the phone call Richie was massaging and exercising my arms and legs, I was asked whether it would be better for the caller to try later on.

This was an excellent suggestion sadly she did not call me back at the agreed time nor did she send me an e-mail as she said she would do if she could not call me.

Hopefully I will get an appointment on Monday for the equipment to be brought round as soon as possible; I am looking forward to learning how to use Seetech.


awb said...

I forget to turn the Dragon voice off sometimes when something else happens. I was writing an email the other day when I got a phone call. The entire conversation was recorded in the email!


Herrad said...

Hello Andy,
I agree is all too easy to forget to switch the voice recognition off.
I always forget when the dogs bark barking and I get whole sentences of nonsense. One thing I've noticed is that the voice recognition does not understand swear words as everytime I want to say shit it writes ship. Do you have that problem too.
Thank you for your visit and comment, I hope you're doing well.
Love Herrad