Monday, July 09, 2012

The Never Ending Story.

Jan Toorop

The news last Wednesday of the council’s negative decision concerning installing air-conditioning, despite my winning the appeal on 16th of May, upset us.

Both my posts were about this news, after I'd written and published on Thursday, I decided to put everything out of my mind until the next week.

Later on Thursday night I was relaxed, ready to go to sleep with no conscious thoughts in my mind, when instantly I started thinking about the airco.

I told Richie, he said try to think of something else which I did, surprisingly it worked well, the thought was Yorkshire pudding.

A good blog friend Muff, put forward a suggestion of starting a petition, her other suggestion was to start a Face book page to protest against Amsterdam Council's callous and arbitrary decision.

I like both of the suggestions, a petition sounds good, so does a Face book page, trouble is I really haven't got the energy to do either; I don't have any objections to anybody else doing this.

I've identified three places to register protest against the negative advice concerning the air conditioning.

First of all there is the Amsterdam ombudsman for whom I have this e-mail address:

The ombudsman is the place for all complaints against the council, here is also the telephone number 020 6259999 you can telephone between 10 and 12 every weekday morning.

The investigator for the Council in this case is Hans de Graaf, he works for Mozaak who assess handicapped peoples applications, and his e-mail address is

Then there is the person responsible for the decision in this matter, Mrs Yildiz she works for the legal department of Amsterdam Council.

Telephone; 0031 20 552 7151/7512

When I had written this, I received an e-mail from my case manager, to tell me that the council had decided to give me one air-conditioning unit.

She congratulated me; the problem is one unit is not the answer for this apartment, as the windows are from floor-to-ceiling.

A separate air-conditioning unit needs to be positioned under a window which you open enough to hang out the extractor tube.

Funnily despite the council’s zeal for investigations, they did not bother to check whether an individual air-conditioning unit would work here.

When Amsterdam Council refused my application in 2011, we had a heat wave.

So Richie brought one of these units in the hope that it would help me,
sadly because of the windows we cannot use it.

Today is 10th of July, the investigation was closed on 19th of June and I have not heard from Amsterdam Council.

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