Monday, July 16, 2012

Communication Is Vital for Our Understanding.

When I briefly visited Face book this afternoon, I noticed a discussion critical of people who use violence to teach their children about right and wrong.

Amazing to think that people, actually believe that hitting a small child could be beneficial either for the child, or the person inflicting violence on a vulnerable child.

In my opinion it teaches them negative things, such as they can't trust their parents, that violence is good, also don't get caught then you won't be punished.

None of these are a positive leIf you are new to thesson, but it's not surprising especially when you don't know why you're being hit, like I never knew why it happened when I was growing up

Sometimes I'll be sitting reading when suddenly I would be slapped around the head or hit with a belt for no reason that was obvious to me.

Something like that is very scary, especially to a child, I've heard and read about people saying that they were hit when they were kids and it never did them any harm.

This is something I totally disagree with as I think did me a lot of harm and it's something that I will never forget as long as I live.

I totally agree with the Face book discussion when they said that violence was being used instead of talking to children, verbal communication is essential for our understanding.

Instead of hitting children and expecting them to learn from this violence I believe it is much better to talk to them and explain things.

It is essential that children learn to understand that they have to be aware of the people and the environment around them and how their behaviour can affect the community they live in.

That is what parents should be doing; they should be talking to their children, explaining and giving them the tools they need to survive in this world.

This can only be done by verbal communication, it is essential to explain how to become a useful and productive part of the community to children.

Talking helps to not only create a strong bond between children and their parents but it also helps them to understand the world around them.

I am totally in favour of communication and totally opposed to violence being used as a way of organising society or educating children.

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