Sunday, July 29, 2012

Communication Is Vital

Josip Seissel.

Last night we got talking rather late. In fact, it ended up being too early in the morning by the time we finished talking.

It was nearly 05.00 by the time we put the lights out to sleep; we were both tired but glad, that we had taken the time to communicate with each other.  

Last night was one of the occasions when it was necessary to talk, it was important to tell Richie how I was feeling, that while I was trying to stay positive, it was not easy for me.

Explaining to him, how I was feeling very dispirited by the fact that the wound was taken so long to heal.

 So much so it made me question whether I would ever be able to sit in a wheelchair again and be able to go outside.

Richie thought that the wound would heal and I would be able to go outside again, maybe even sooner than I thought.

He said that he totally understood my worries; he went on to say that it must be quite dreadful for me to be confined to one room again for so long.

Richie said he hoped that I was wrong and I would have a lot longer, I too hope that I was wrong, as I don't want to die soon.

The combination of the wound taking so long, combined with the progression of my Multiple Sclerosis made me feel that I did not have too long to go.

It is so difficult to keep a balance between being realistic and being totally aware of what's happening to me with this unpleasant disease.

It is all too easy to get overdramatic and think that things are bleaker than they are, but it is not easy trying to keep positive in this situation.

Being positive is the only thing that I can do and I want to do my best to remain positive and enjoy my life as best I can.

Staying in the here and now and enjoying all the moments that I can is the only and best option there is for me.

Having Multiple Sclerosis is like being on a rollercoaster, with no idea of what will happen next, which is why I need to remain positive.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

MS makes it harder to communicate and describe to others the pains, losses, surprises, disconnects. You two are doing it right. Best wishes,love, mary

Herrad said...

Hello Mary,
I agree with you multiple sclerosis does make it harder to communicate and describe quite what is happening.
Thanks for your visit and lovely supportive comment.
Love, Herrad