Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Waiting.

Oscar Dominguez

The weather is still miserable, at the moment I can hear thunder, the clouds are dark and the sun came out like a last hurrah before a storm.

This afternoon I had a pleasant visit from Anja, we had arranged it when she was here two weeks ago to assist me with some paperwork.

Today we had intended to brainstorm how to get Amsterdam Council to install the air conditioning.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from my case manager informing me that the council had decided to give me one mobile air-conditioning unit.

When Anja telephoned Mrs Yildiz in order to get more information about this, she was told she did not work on Wednesdays.

Anja will telephone her again tomorrow morning and see if she can obtain more information from Mrs Yildiz then.

I'm curious how they will install it, maybe they think we have ordinary windows under which you can place a mobile air-conditioning unit and hang the extractor tube out of the window.

This is not possible in our apartment as all the windows go from floor to ceiling,
the mobile unit that we have does not work well at all because we can't put it under a window.

The only place Richie could find was next to the toilet door, he cut a round hole in the wall for the extractor hose.

The hot air goes into the toilet where we have the extractor fan running continuously, this makes the toilet unusable because of the hot air.

The other problem is that the extractor tube is not long enough for the unit to be put in the bedroom so it’s near the door.

Which means it is not as effective as it should be if we could install it correctly, it will be very interesting to get more information tomorrow after Anja’s call.

While Anja was here she got a call from Paul Loos from De Alliantie my landlords, who she tried to contact on Monday about the whole air-conditioning saga.

She explained that we've now heard Amsterdam Council was going to give me one mobile air-conditioning unit.

However we have no further information, we don't even know how or even if they will install it, Paul Loos asked to be kept informed.

More waiting hopefully some answers tomorrow and who knows there may even be a resolution in sight.


Gareth said...

Hi there folks glad there has been some progress on Arco front but Buggers still not really listening to your needs. Intrested to read what Mrs Yildiz has to say. Hope SuperBug responding to treatment. BIG LOVE@ HUGS GXXX

Herrad said...

hello Gareth,
the Amsterdam Council will do everything they can to drag this out and they don't seem to be interested in listening to my needs or anyone needs for that matter.
Thanks your good wishes about the superbug treatment.
And thanks coming by and leaving a comment.
Love Herrad