Monday, July 23, 2012

At The End There May Be A Rainbow

Oscar Dominguez.

On Friday afternoon I was waiting to get a call from RTD Het Dorp, the company who will be supplying me with the Seetech computer.

Despite agreeing a time to call back, which was three o'clock, they neither kept their promise, nor could they be bothered to send me an e-mail. 

This morning I expected to find an e-mail in my inbox, however there was nothing, at 15.30 I called them.

My call was answered after ages, then the receptionist put me on hold for more than 4 minutes of horrible music then I lost the connection.

On calling back I was told that the colleague I wanted to speak to was busy on the phone, I enquired whether I should call back in 5 minutes I was told they would ring me.

This did not really convince me, I put the phone down and quite amazingly after 10 minutes I got a telephone call from the company.

However they didn't want to make an appointment, as Friday's caller wanted to, Rita only wanted to discuss whether I actually needed a German dictionary.

I really couldn't believe that was what the call was about, seeing as I discussed this intensively with both my occupational therapist and the representative Werner from RTD Het Dorp.

Werner had found a German dictionary for the Seetech computer, he informed me in an e-mail what the price was and I sent him an e-mail saying okay.

It seems that only after I have paid for the dictionary, will they will instruct their planning department to make an appointment to deliver the Seetech computer.

Not long after this slightly disappointing telephone call, I had another, this time about the air conditioning.

Next week Tuesday at two o'clock I have an appointment with somebody who will come here to see how and where to install the air conditioning unit.

If RTD Het Dorp gets their act together perhaps the Seetech computer will also be delivered next week.

Brilliant to think soon I will have had all the things that I currently need, when that happens I will be very happy, I can't wait.

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