Saturday, July 28, 2012

Resumtion Of Normality

Josip Seissel

Some parts of America are experiencing extreme drought and fires as well as tornadoes, terrible storms and flooding, many had no electricity.

Horrible news, I hope none of my blog friends are experiencing problems due to any of these events happening near them.

These problems are causing hardships and are unpleasant because they make daily life difficult and stressful.

Their troubles have all been caused by the weather; none of them are due to an out-of-control regime.

These weather-related problems almost fade into insignificance when compared with what is happening in Syria.

Where President Assad's murderous regime are daily killing hundreds of civilian purely in order for them to retain their control on the country.

This has been going on for 16 months now; a brutal conflict fought between an extremely well armed state machine and a lightly armed opposition.

The battle has been raging across the country, in Homs, Hama which is the city that Bashir Assad's father killed thousands in 1982, as well as Damascus.

Thousands of civilians have been murdered and many have been raped, tortured and incarcerated since this all started in April 2011.

Assad's army are supported by the Shabiha militias which are made up of Alawites; members of Assad minority élite, Sunnis, criminals released from prison by Assad as well as opportunists out for whatever they can get.

The militias act as the regimes brutal thuggish enforcers, they follow President Assad army, once the army had bombed and shelled its enforcers go in and rape, torture and murder all the inhabitants they can find.

Apparently the Shabiha do not want either the regime or the opposition, they are seemingly intent on destroying the country.

The fighting is now raging in Syria's largest city, Aleppo where Assad’s strategy again is to keep up a steady bombardment of the rebels just as he did in Homs until they are crushed.

The only difference now is that the Free Syrian army are not only in the city but they are also in control of the countryside around the city and they believe that they are now winning.

It is a shame that the regime of Bashir Assad did not step down earlier, but they wanted to stay in power no matter at what cost.

Hopefully the regime will be toppled soon and life can resume its normal every day rhythm and the people of Syria will be safe once more.

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