Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful blue sky and sparkling sunshine.

Impressionist Art.

Had to wake Richie last night, when the music finished and I was not sleeping, he got me some thc which did the trick.

Hate to do that but did promise Richie I would do so rather than lie awake all night, and be dreadful the next day.

He says he can sleep again which is my problem, once I can’t sleep it is over for me and I lie there awake all night even if my eyes are closed.

Glad to get off to sleep again after the thc last night, instead of lying worrying about the doctor coming round to change the catheter.

Of course once I woke up I worried about Dagma’s visit, and as usual there was no need to worry.

Dagma wafted in looking wonderful and proceeded to take the old catheter out and put a new one in and she also took a swab of my vagina as I have been having some discharge recently.

All was done in 30 minutes which included getting my trousers off and on again as well as replacing the protective cover under me.

So quite a lot of work for Richie, he is finding it a strain on his shoulder, he discovered that arm exercises on the Motomed are good for him, better than the weights right now.

Good that the Motomed can be useful to Richie too, did offer the use to our neighbour Willes when she was stuck indoors at the beginning of the year.

Sadly the lab was closed when Richie took the swab round on his bike after Dagma’s visit, so it has to be done again.

Just not tomorrow as that is the 2 hour appointment with a multitude of people.

The woman from ARCA, the man from Welzorg, the man from Summit (he will be doing the registering of my posture) the ergotherapist from the RCA and a friend of ours, Jeanet.

All abit much but hopefully it will result in my wheelchair being adequately adapted for me to sit in it.

What is frustrating is the f a cxt that it has not close dup yet, the last time Ton , the nurse from the RCA w as her eit was a mere 2 mm.

Richie thinks it is a hint less as well as having filled up more which is good news as the wound needs to heal from inside out so it fills up and does not leave a vulnerable patch.

Which could result in reopening the pressure sore and that is too horrible to contemplate, think I rather concentrate on positive things, like exploring the outside world again.

Like the weather which has gone from dark, overcast grey and black lid of clouds to beautiful blue sky and sparkling sunshine

Really nice to see, makes me feel so much better to look out on to a sunny day.

Some thc will soothe the tightness in my arms and help me to relax and enjoy this very special moment.


Friko said...

your choice of paintings is inspired.
what an absolute bore that you are endlessly dependent on other people for your comfort. Richie sounds a brick, you are lucky to have him around Hope the sun stays out for a bit, here's it's grey and dismal again.
Good luck and cheers.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, well another relief from worry over the appt, hope the evening is a pleasant one!

Herrad said...

Hi Friko,
Thanks for coming by today, the sun has been shining here all day it is now 6 p, and it is still sunny.

Herrad said...

Hi Friko,
Thanks for coming by today, the sun has been shining here all day it is now 6 p, and it is still sunny.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Lovely to see your comment, hope your day is good.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Yes, I agree with Friko - the choice of paintings are just beautiful. I'm a sucker for impressionist art...

Glad to hear about the blue sky - wonderful! And YES, we'll keep up with the positive thoughts about exploring the outside world.... that is a beautiful feeling ! :)

Have Myelin? said...

I hear you on the sleeping problem. I have the same issue- pure misery, isn't it? I too use thc AND valium, yet sleep is an elusive beast to hunt and chase down.

Your pictures are delightful. I love your blog.

Herrad said...

Hi Marit,
Lovely to see your comment, glad you like the pictures.
The sunshine was very welcome today especially after the dark start.
Tomorrow is approaching fast which is good.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for coming by, not sleeping is really horrible.
You are right it is pure misery.
Have discovered that thc can get me off to sleep again.
Glad you like the pictures.
Have a good Thursday.

robert said...

After a long day filled with much anger and people not being satisfied ever, it was so nice to get 'lost' into your choice of paintings tonight - and let me know when there is some Tetrahydrocannabinol left.

A wonderful day for you !

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for coming by.
Glad to hear the pictures helped you relax.
Hope today is a better day.

Cranky said...

Greetings, Herrad! Lovely pics. Hope all the appts today (Thursday) are successful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I seem to be a day late these days! :)
I'm glad the appointment went well yesterday. And I hope today's appointment goes very well too, and they get their butts in gear to adapt your wheelchair! I just posted some photos from yesterday's beach day, you'll see how windy it is here! But today is sunny so I can bring the dogs with me! They'll be happy to sniff around the beach! I really like the photos you chose for your post!!! Enjoy your day/evening Herrad!!!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hi Herrad,
I enjoy viewing your picture albums and wonderful writing as always.I wish for your wound to heal steadily which is the proper way as you said. Inside out. Your new skin tissue is fragile but your spirit is amazing to me.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Thanks the appointment went well.

Hi Rain,
It went well, they all did good today.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your goods wishes

Thanks for coming by, it all went well today, so feel very optimistic about the end result.
Have a good Friday.