Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Live and let live.

Our Potatoes.

Slept really well until we were woken very suddenly at 7, by the horrible sound of the hedge trimmer being used on trees outside, as they were clipped back into their neat box shapes.

Shame they do that to trees and real shame they are not apple trees, would be so nice for them to have several functions, not just pleasing to the eye but also nice to pick and eat and the birds would benefit.

Richie jumped up and shut the window and fetched some THC which enabled me to sleep again as did Richie and the dogs, who had joined us when Richie got the THC.

We both slept until 9 when the theatre were outside cutting wood, they have been busy since end of June , every day from Monday to Friday they have been occupying the kids play area cutting wood.

It’s a horrible screechy noise and there is no let up, I am sure it is admirable that they are working so hard, I am sure the theatre will look amazing.

Just a shame that they do not seem to take their neighbours into account, so have thought nothing about working from 10 in the morning until 10 at night when it was still light.

When I mailed them to point out that they were occupying the whole play area with their wood cutting, they said they would certainly move if the kids told them they wanted to play there.

Pointed out right away that this was the wrong way round, that I hoped they would stop working when the kids are home so they can use the play area without having to go and ask permission.

Just had a mail saying they would not use the play area after 3 in the afternoon, instead they will move to the corner right opposite my window.

Hope they do not need to work after 3 today or any other day, would be brilliant if it were over soon as their working outside has ruined the summer considerably.

Not only was it so hot but also never endingly noisy, either it was the rubbish containers being emptied, the street sweeping machines or the building workers and when they stop the theatre starts up.

Now they are out cutting wood, makes me feel I am at the dentist every day, it is horrible.

Wish they could work inside as they have enough space and could go into their own yard but need to do it on their doorstep.

Oh well must be tea time as they have stopped and so am I as they have claimed enough of my attention already.

Yesterday Richie noticed that the leaves of the potato plant by the kitchen window were going yellow so harvested the potatoes.

We ate them last night with a salad made with our own tomatoes and a green paprika (capsicum) and rocket salad and basil.

It was delicious, a real pleasure to eat things grown on our small balcony, we plan to grow more next year.

Now I am looking forward to the other potato plant being ready.

Also looking forward to the basil and coriander and cress that is growing in the window box on the window near the bed

Just heard on the radio abit more about the two soldiers from the infamous Black Watch, that were killed yesterday in Afghanistan.

Shame humans can't be left alone to get on with life together without the interests of a small group of profiteers being promoted at the expense of human lives.

The fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is purely for the oil, gas, minerals and additionally in Afghanistan access to other countries such as China, Iran, and Pakistan to name but three.

It’s a stinking business which has cost too many lives which would have been better spent in their own communities.

Looks like rain now, the theatre have taken their wood and are now cutting inside, so they won’t be outside my window.

Looks like I will be able to enjoy the gentle rain fall and the last of the summer warmth without the back drop of power tools.

Lots of pain today so lots of THC.

Oh there goes the neighbour from up the road on his motorbike; he never seems to go far so always joke there he goes to collect his pizza he just ordered on the phone.

Sure he gets further away, but mostly you can hear him going round the neighbouring streets on his bike which makes a lot of noise when he accelerates.

Richie just told me the bike is a Yamaha with raceing exhaust pipes which have no mufflers hence the noise.

Reminds me of the motor bike I used to have in the 70’s a 250 cc Greaves, which was a delight to ride around on.

Felt quite the thing in those days, what sweet memories I have.


Diane J Standiford said...

LOL NEIGHBORS can't live with em and can't live without em. I cried when a tree was cut down by the library near my home. All the birds left for a YEAR! Good for you for sticking up to those tree cutters around the kids! KUDOS

Herrad said...

Hi Diane,
Lovely to get your comment,
A willow tree was chopped down in a garden behind where we used to live.
And right away all the birds except a couple were gone for good.
Before the treed went there were 29 sorts of birds including a woodpecker that visited everyday.

robert said...

Potatoes - you may only imagen how much I miss them. Yes, of course they do have them here as well, but they surely taste differently.
Remember that many times a potatoe's salad was even more delicious on its second day.
Like as well the choice of Tattoo pictures lately, as I am about to get me a new one, being the face of my son - who loves birds and trees very much and am sure, would have thanked you, if he could already speak.
Nice new month.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Potatoes are beautiful, you can grow your own quite easily.
All you need is a couple of potatoes and a big container and sunshine and water it everyday.
When the green shoots appear wait til they are a couple of inches and put some earth up to the leaves and keep doing it.
Water everyday.
And trhen after awhile you have some tasty potatoes.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad
I let my hedges go wild. In spring they now have pretty white flowers and in winter, become a haven for the sparrows.

Yeah there's nothing like home grown food. The potatoes look yummy.

Hope you have a nice peaceful day tomorrow.

Herrad said...

Hi Carole,
Your hedges sound proper, pretty and useful for the sparrows too, it is perfect.

The potatoes were delicious, we are looking forward to our other potato plant being harvested.

Started the day crying , starting to feel calmer now.
Intend to enjoy ther day hope you do too.