Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The here and now..... is blue sky and sunshine and very pleasantly warm.

Just sent an e-mail to Victoria Derbyshire to her Radio 5 Live program, she had Debby Purdy on the show.

Hello Victoria,

Listen to you daily in Amsterdam, glad Debby Purdy has got the clarification she needed to be able to enjoy everything she can while she still can.

Shame that there is not an informed debate about euthanasia in England, instead of emotional discussions which scares people away.

The recent debate was dreadful as it argued that handicapped people would be at risk of being killed by their carers.

Shame people are totally refusing to understand that this is not about being handicapped; this is about people like Debby and me who live with intolerable levels of pain with a progressive disease.

Whose future perspective is increasing pain and disability, no mobility, not being able to talk, hear, swallow or breath independently, where physical contact is painful..

I am fortunate to live in The Netherlands where I can get assisted euthanasia from my general practitioner when I feel that I can not go on, and this can happen in my own home.

After an incredibly rapid progression from walking to being wheelchair bound by the November 2006 and needing fulltime care by the summer of 2007.

I discussed with my partner my desire for euthanasia, as did not wish to be in terrible pain, unable to see, talk or swallow.

He agreed with me that euthanasia would be the option rather than a life of pain and 100% incapacity due to the progression of my MS.

We discussed this with our GP and I drew up a document which our doctor has signed and my partner and I have signed, now I have to let her know when I have reached the point where I do not want to be alive anymore, then she will help me to die peacefully here at home.

Since this has been organised I can concentrate 100% on living and enjoying everything that I can enjoy, I do not want to die, and I want to live for as long as I can with my darling.

Before this was organised I was living in allot of fear about my future and the progression of my disease, no doctor can give me a prognosis so having the document with my doctor gives me the reassurance to live now.



My blog;

Debby has progressive MS like I do, she recently asked for clarification from the Law Lords when family and friends would face prosecution.

She needs to know if her partner would face prosecution if he were to help her go to the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland to die.

If he were to face prosecution then she would go to Switzerland while she still could get there on her own.

That would mean before she needed to go while she still can do the trip on her own, so in fact the English law would end her life earlier.

Real shame so rather than saving lives they end in wasting lives which otherwise could have been better spent enjoying right until the last moment.

Since Richie and I have discussed this thoroughly with each other and our doctor we do not need to think about it all the time and we can both get on with our lives.

In England some would find this all abit too much it would be too worrying, for me it has meant that I no longer have to worry about what if and when.

Realise that this has taken away the uncertainty and the worry, I did think about it quite abit just after it w as organised.

Cried alot thinking about dying, not being here anymore, not being with my darling Richie, can’t write this without crying now.

But was soon able to leave it, and concentrate on living in the here and now, which is much better, that way I enjoy my darling Riche right here right now.

Right here and right now is I have found the best way to live it concentrates the mind on what is essentially important.

The here and now, which right now is blue sky and sunshine and very pleasantly warm for the first day of autumn.

Richie is playing his new banjo ukulele which is very pleasant for me
Hope everyone can enjoy the here and now today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Although it's sad for me to read this, I know that it's a reality. You musn't suffer to the point you mentioned and I am 100% supportive of your decision. I think it's so brave of you to have made that decision, but how amazing that you can now say "okay, that's done, let's enjoy life now"...very inspiring.
Take care,

Taxingwoman said...

Well said Herrad

Thanks for the link .I have been following this story for a long time
Have a good day

Kris said...

Morning Herrad! Love those turtles! I haven't decided on where we are staying just yet. The boyfriend has been away on business and I'm not the type to just let that make me the organizer of everything! hehe Have a great day!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, you're a brave woman to have been so smart in planning how you choose to live and your quality of life. I'm going to miss you when you are gone, that is the sad reality of this post, so I am being brave enough to tell you that now. No one wants to imagine the day your sunny, cheerful and encouraging words are missing.

You are right, it's now that counts and today is a great day, looking forward to the out door photos of you in your wheel chair with Richie and the dogs!


Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for your support.
In some ways it was a hard decision to make.
Feel very attached to life and hope that I shall be around for awhile yet.

Hi Carole,
Thanks, for your comment.
Good the Debby Purdy has finally got the clarification she needed.
And great that she fought so hard to get this.

Hi Kris,
Your trip sounds exciting, hope you have a great time.
And have great stories when you get home.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your sweet comment.
Enjoying the here and now is so important as I have discovered recently.

Thanks for coming by and visiting and leaving comments.
Apprecate your friendship and support very much.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Herrad said...
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