Friday, September 18, 2009

It is a very warm and sunny day today.

After the appointment yesterday I have had a huge smile on my face, so has Richie, we both feel optimistic and really so happy.

We both kept telling each other that it was now behind us, we had successfully got through the appointment.

Had been both dreading it, as it was it went very well, people worked well together, Ludwine checked every step of the moulding process.

It was very good having our friend Jeanet, here to support us and Ludwine was incredible, she took charge of the whole proceedings.

So all I had to do was let it all happen, Elwyn was extremely competent and I trusted him totally.

At the end I was very tired and glad to be going back to bed, happy and optimistic about getting a well adapted chair.

Shame that they did not give me a well adapted wheelchair last year, do hold them responsible for losing a whole year of being mobile.

But that was lasat year, moving on to yesterday, it was noticeable, that the people responsible seemed to realise exactly why this method was needed.

And they were showing us their sensitive and caring sides.

There was no question yesterday, that Summit vacuum moulding was the only option for me, it will provide me with the support I need to resume sitting upright.

Was extremely worrying to be sitting upright after nearly 13 months of half sitting, my neck hurt and I clung to the arm rests.

There was no real danger of falling, just felt insecure and it hurt, as Elwyn slowly unravelled me, and insured at the same time that the vacuum cushion was giving me the support that I needed.

As soon as the support was there I stopped hurting and it was pleasant and easy to sit up again.

I got a taste of sitting upright and going outside and I really liked it very much, and now I believe it will really happen.

Since yesterday now that I felt the support that this adaption will give me, I am feeling very optimistic about getting out and about.

It is a very warm and sunny day today, the window is open and the soft relaxed street sounds are drifting in and adding to the relaxed Friday afternoon.

Hope you all have a good Friday.


JC said...

I'm so happy for you ...

Charisa said...

What a wonderful gift - I hope you can enjoy many days outdoors in the new chair!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, a great day to think about how the future outing is going to happen soon, it's been a long haul for you waiting for sure.

What do you want to see first? where will you go?

have a nice evening!

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Thanks for your encouragement.

Hi Charisa,
Hope so too, can't wait.

Hi Stephany,
I want to go to the market and the park with the dogs.

Thanks for coming by and sharing the good news.
Have a good Friday.

suejan said...

you've been bit down lately so this is super. Bet you can't wait for chair.You cope marvelouslyI went round bend with 10 days in hospital.
I hadbed sore. must do dinner now-more time tomorrow.Can I google mail you?

Anonymous said...

Herrad!!! Soon you'll be the one outside someone's window giggling with delight, lol! Can't wait! Today I'm "home" here at the Inn, doing laundry, playing with a new background for my blog, and the coup d'etat, drinking Moosehead beer and eating onion rings, lol, talk about junk food! Enjoy your Friday night!!!

Libby said...

herrad- the dogs will be so happy & surprised when you go out the door with them!! that's so great to think about! & the weather will still be rather nice for you, but just'll be able to go out in the spring, when everything is 'waking up' too!

Herrad said...

Hi Suejan,
Thanks for coming by and lesving a comment.

Hi Rain,
Can't wait to go out and enjoy the outside world./
Moosehead beer sounds good.

Hi Libby,
You are so right that it is great to think about and the dogs will be overjoyed when I go out with them and so will I.

Thanks for coming by and sharing our happiness that soon I will be able to go out soon.
Yippee I am looki0ng forward so very much.
Have a good day today and tomorrow.

robert said...

Twenty past two, already Saturday, but had to tell you that it was a good Friday as well over here.
Seems as if there's something in the air - hope that the happy mood will continue to linger around for you much longer.
A nice weekend to all of you !

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Lovely to see your comment, it is 1.26 here, we are watching Later with Jools (Holland) on bbc2, Jools used to be keyboard player with Squeeze in the 70's.
Good to hear you had a good day too, hope it continues for us all.
Have a good weekend.

Kelli said...

I am so happy to hear you feeling so positive and looking forward to the future. I am thrilled for you.