Monday, September 28, 2009

Lies, Tax and Profits.

There are many misconceptions about marijuana, it's a natural herb, anyone who uses it can easily stop at any time, and stopping doesn't result in withdrawal symptoms.

There is also a common fallacy that using marijuana increases the tendency of an individual to start taking other drugs like heroin and cocaine.

However, statistics have shown no proof of this, there is proof however that it can lead to a desire to eat chocolate.
Marijuana is not addictive, unlike alcohol, tobacco or heroin.
Marijuana is known by many to be a drug that makes one start taking other more dangerous substances, but this is not the truth.

I recently heard tobacco being called a gateway drug by drug councillors, as once kids start smoking cigarettes they usually start drinking alcohol.

Cocaine is the clubbers drug of choice as it allows you to stay awake for hours and drink even more.

The chance of marijuana leading to other drugs increases only when drug dealers sell marijuana together with other substances; which is a good argument for legalising.

Another misconception is that marijuana causes brain damage, however there are no established links between marijuana use and death of brain cells.

In the anti weed campaign it is often said that marijuana can cause psychiatric problems.

In my opinion psychiatric symptoms are often there, just not diagnosed before marijuana use.

Consider the horrible side effects of much prescribed medicines such as opiates that are incredibly addictive.

Drugs that damage the kidneys and liver, and what about the dependency on sleeping tablets and tranquilizers and other muscle relaxers.

What about the side effects from morphine, diazepam, baclofen and blood thinners and drugs that reduce blood pressure.

The drugs that doctors prescribe have horrendous side effects look at the medicines for MS.

The drug companies are as far as I can see drug dealers who want us all to be dependant on them for life that is why they do not concentrate on finding a cure for MS.

One of the benefits of marijuana is pain relief (neurologists in The Netherlands advise it as the best pain relief) it helps with spasticity, gives a good appetite, helps sleeping, good for relaxation and other benefits.

There is alot of negative publicity about marijuana this is because the other drug dealers, the drug companies and the alcohol and tobacco companies have the franchise and want to keep it that way.
In the past physicians have used the plant for helping with headaches, insomnia and gastrointestinal disorders.
It was considered a sedative it was even used to aid in child birth and went on to aid in the treatment of inflammations, ear pains and oedemas.

In 500 B.C. the plant was used as a textile plant for fabricating cloth and manufacturing paper.

In Medieval times the plant was used as a diuretic, anti-epileptic and an anti-inflammatory.

In the 19th century Marijuana was considered to be useful in treating headaches, melancholy and insomnia.

Queen Victoria used it for menstrual pain.

Today marijuana is extremely helpful to aid in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, depressions, neuralgias, rheumatism, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, ulcer, cholera, cancer, epilepsy, bronchitis, asthma (because of the property of bronchodilator), and gonorrhoea.

It has also been used in relieving epilepsy convulsions, multiple sclerosis and spasms.

And it used to aid in the side effects of chemotherapy by relieving dizziness and nausea.

So why such an important plant illegal?

Why are so many people being punished and jailed every year, many just because they are trying to get relief from their painful ailments?

Alcohol, which along with tobacco is really addictive is allowed, these are the drugs which are legal.

Marijuana is more useful than alcohol but yet it is illegal.

The government has found a great way of lining their pockets by heavily taxing alcohol and tobacco.

The Alcohol and Tobacco trade is legal and therefore not only tolerated by the Government, who gives it great support, but also protected.

The perceived competitor marijuana is heavily penalised and briefed against in order to maintain the profitable status quo.

Alcohol and tobacco have no benefits only negative effects.

So why are they legal and marijuana, are which has 100’s of benefits, is not legal.


Kris said...

Great post! I also think back to the hemp days and when prohibition ended. Those that were cracking down on the alcohol needed jobs again did they not? hmmmmmm....

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad

"One of the benefits of marijuana is pain relief (neurologists in The Netherlands advise it as the best pain relief) it helps with spasticity, gives a good appetite, helps sleeping, good for relaxation and other benefits."

In my recent experience smoking weed, I can say this statement is 100% true. It's better than any of the prescriptions I have taken, which were pure poison for side effects.
Thanks for this .

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for coming by, glad you like this post.
Interesting what you say about jobs being needed.

Hi Carole,
Thanks for coming by and commenting, you are right that weed has none of the horrible side effects like the pills and potions that doctors happily give us.

Thanks again for your support.
Have a pleasant evening and a good day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hello Herrad! I wholeheartedly agree with you! I don't use weed anymore, but I did use it for about a year to help with my panic attacks, that was when I was 18 years old, my good friend Marty passed away suddenly (he was my first crush!), and the doctors told me QUOTE "There is nothing wrong with you, it's psychological" I was left to suffer these VERY REAL panic attacks. I only recognize that's what they were now that I went through the mental health system. The weed helped tremendously but back then, it was quite dangerous to buy, as a young girl. From 2004 - 2007, I often thought of giving up all my meds and just raising my own. I truly think it would have done a lot more good. I hope our "modern" society opens its eyes soon.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Bastards to not give you the support you needed.
Think you may have been better off than with the meds.
Like you I wish people would be able to see the realities.
Have a good evening and a good day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you something Herrad, right now I feel like I'm recovered from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. BUT...if it ever comes back, I'm not going to EVER use those meds again. I WILL go back to weed. No more f-ing around with chemicals that have no place in my body. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that for certain conditions, like MS, you need to take certain meds. But to be honest, my opinion of the (at least I can say quebec) mental health system is that they are pill pushers. I took 4 different meds, 22 pills each day for 4 years. Here are a list of the symptoms I developped:
- rapid heart beat
- obesity (gained 97 pounds in 24 months)
- migraines
- metabolic disorder
- skin rashes and acne
- hair loss
- suicidal tendencies
- joint and muscle fatigue, pain and eventually strains and failure
- nausea & vomitting, bowel disfunction
- apathy (I call it Zombie Disease!)
- brittle teeth and bones (3 broken teeth between 2005-2007)
- tooth sensitivy
Not to mention the risk of diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, and osteoperosis.

Now, those symptoms/side effects are all gone being 2 years off the meds, but I just can't associate those drugs with "helping" anymore.

We've discussed the pharmaceutical industry many months ago, from one of your posts I's a "racket" as far as I'm concerned. When I worked at the firm, people always said if you want to make long term gains in the stock market, hedge your money on the big "pharms"...terrible how it's so OBVIOUS that it's a money game....

Hope you have a great evening/Tuesday as well Herrad!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for your comment, that is alot of shit you have been through.
Glad you got through it and have recovered from the meds and their negative effects.
Bloody hell that is a hell of a list of side effects.
You are right that those drugs do not help, as far as I can see they just shut you down and make you manageable.
Medication is just control, unmanageable people are controled by drugs that drain their personalities.
So glad you are out of the grasp of the pharmas.
Well done, must have been hard work.
Have a good day tomorrow.

robert said...

Good morning Herrad,
hope you are feeling fine. About ten years ago that I felt the desire to eat sweets afterwards - thank you for the memory.
With two brother who had a Headshop was/am always close to the ongoing discussion about it.
Wishing you a nice Tuesday.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and comment, reminds me of my first time when I said I don't feel anything and started eating all the biscuits, while my friends laughed their heads off.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Richie said...

My experience of friends with schizophrenia is that they try everything to self medicate- often they are quite aware things are going wrong and are in torment so they try many drugs to change their state of mind. Weed does help with minor symptoms but is not a big enough help when it gets very bad so more and more is used to try and get some help- resulting in a high weed usage when the crisis comes. Most schizophrenics I have known have been very reluctant to seek medical help and will only volunteer for treatment when they are in an absolute mess or enter treatment when they get locked up involuntarily. What really hurts schizophrenics is stimulants- they love them as well and get absolutely scrambled. I have not suffered from schizophrenia my self but from observing friends having episodes they start behaving like speed heads on a big binge. I would imagine from their behaviour that getting slowed down by weed would be a big relief- if not an adequate treatment in it's self.
I self medicate with weed for anxiety and depression and do not think I could have given up booze without a puff to help me sleep.
I also enjoy listening to music even more.

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,
Thanks for your comment and information about the predicament of people who need help.
Sometimes there is none as the waiting lists are long.
Often people like my mum spend too long on valium, just think abit of weed may have helped her better .
She would not have had all the side effects she had and she may have been easier to live with using weed rather than valium.

JC said...

Just stopping by to see how you're doing ...