Monday, September 14, 2009

Today is a beautiful sunny day,

Best Wishes

Today is a beautiful sunny day, Richie says its warm in the sun, but the wind is cold, there is quite a stiff wind today.

The plants on the window ledge by my bedroom window are blowing around like crazy, Richie has assured me that they are ok, apparently it is as windy as out the back where they were previously.

Like them being here as there are some very pretty strawberry flowers amongst the other flowers.

It is nice to eat a sweet little strawberry everyday, they have a lot of flavour and are very satisfying.

Had quite a rude awakening this morning, when everything seemed to happen outside at once, somehow I managed to get back off to sleep again which was brilliant.

Mathilda, my friendly physiotherapist will be here in 15 minutes to put me through 30 minutes of arm exercises.

At 3 pm Anne will be round with a bottle of proseccio, and Darren will come by too, looking forward to hearing how they both are doing.

Just saw Anne’s holiday photos, from her trip to Thailand, that her father treated her and her son, Ookhai to.

Looks like they had a great time.

Any moment now my friendly slave driver will be here saying no that is number 2 you have another 4 to go.

Getting nervous about Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday is the catheter change, and Thursday the big day when I will get put in the Summit chair for the vacuum bag to register my posture.

That is the first real step happening, will be really happy when the WMO department gives the ok for the mould to be made which will be used to make the back and the seat of the electric wheelchair.

Really happy that the money Anne and Lisa raised will pay for the extras, like getting the better cushion that I need in order to protect me from further pressure sores.

Just had a very good session with Mathilda, my arms feel good now, very relaxed which is pleasant for a change.

Also had some good news from the landlord, that they are going to give a contract to the GGGD, the public health people to place anti pigeon devices around the guttering to prevent the pigeons nesting in our building.

Going to post this and await my visitors any minute now.

The sun is shining very brigthly, hope it is shining wlsewhere.

Have a good day.


Kris said...

Have a fab day! A glass of prosecco sounds good right now... but when does it not?

JC said...

You do sound like you're going to have a nice day.

It's a cloudy Monday here but the weekend was sunny warm and lovely.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Sounds like a great day - try not to be too nervous for the chair fitting - it WILL work out! And YES - I agree about the are so right :)

Those cakes look fabulous...I happen to be a fan of sheet cake and have no control when it comes to that particular baked good!

Stephany said...

I hope the visit and the bubbly was pleasant, love the cake photos!

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
It was very enjoyable having a glass of prosecco with Anne and Darren this afternoon.

Hi JC,
I have had a very good day, hope you have too.

Hi Marit,
Lovely to see your comment, it was a great day today.
I shall do my best not to be nervous on a Thursday.
Curious what sheet cake, I think it is maybe a baking tine size cake.

Hi Stephany,
The visit and the bubbly was very pleasant indeed, so were the wasabi crackers and nuts.

Thanks for coming by, really has made my day seeing your comments.
It was delightful seeing our friends and having a glas sof bubbly with them.
Hope you have a good Tuesday.

robert said...

Sunny during the day, even long enough to spend two hours in the evening at the playground, pointing towards dogs passing by, while sitting in the swing - being afterwards to tired he easily fell into sleep.
Even started to rain in the night - what a wonderful day.
Nice Tuesday for you as well!

Lucy said...

Herrad, I just stopped in to let you know I have a second blog about my life growing up as you urged me to a while back. I just started it so will add more each day. It is on my dashboard. It is, Day to Day Life. I hope you had a great day.

Anonymous said...


I have been lurking on your blog for quite a while!! And finally have to stop and say hello!! I love reading your blog and viewing all of your pictures--question for you--where do they come from?? Are you a photographer or ??

Enjoy the molding process. I have been involved in the mold-- in Seattle it is called the pindot system and it really is very fascinating. The person taking the mold tries to get you in a good position/posture and then sucks the air out of the mold. If it doesn't look good you put a little air back in and try to correct what you need start all over. I will be curious to hear if it is the same process.

Take Care and Have Fun!!

K*OS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

It was sunny all day here and warm too!!!

Hope your Tuesday is just as sunny!

Now you have me itching for a piece of cake...hehe!

Libby said...

hi, herrad! didnt get around til late today, but, stopped to say hi & send a hug!