Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn and a lovely visit

Autumn is well and truly here, since yesterday it is grey, total cloud cover over the city.

It has been raining also since yesterday, and it is considerably cooler, so much so that I have the duvet again instead of the fleece blankets.

This morning I noticed it quite abit as being cool seems to have woken me up too early, somehow I managed to doze off again.

No wonder that I was in so much pain yesterday, it is the weather change, always find it very hard to make the adjustment.

Will write only a quick post now as my favourite cousin Katrin is visiting me very soon, she lives in France.

She will be here at 12 noon and is visiting until 5 when she goes back to Germany where she is visiting her brothers.

Her mother auntie Lilo sadly died in February, she would have been 102 this december, Lilo was quite a woman.

Remember staying with them when I was 15 and being astonished that she was already 60, I recall that it was wonderful how energetic she was.

A very dynamic woman, Katrin is the same, I have adored her since we met when I was 4 on one of our visits from Trinidad.

She became my role model right away, she made her prescence known, she was just 6 at the time.

A very independent girl, in the first minutes that I knew her she took me out of the garden without the grown ups noticing.

We sneaked across the road and had a terrific game in a field of poppies, a liberating experience for me.

And one I have never forgotten, going to get ready for her so will post this now, maybe update it after her visit.

Maybe until later, I am very excited at Katrin's visit.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you will see your role model and cousin!!! I'm really glad to read the excitement in your words! A game in a field of poppies sounds great! I hope you have a great visit! I have the extra blankets out too!

Have Myelin? said...

Your pictures and your radiant spirit always make me smile Herrad. Always.

Hope you had a great visit!

Jen said...

Hoping you enjoy the visit, Herrad :)

Kris said...

Have a wonderful visit!

Herrad said...

Hello Rain, Hello Sherry, Hello Jen, Hello Kris,

It was a brilliant visit, Katrin got here at 12 and we talked until 5.30
when she rushed off to catch her 6pm train.

I am tired now going to relax now.
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments really appreciate them very much.
Hugs and Love,

Anonymous said...

As I am already into October would like to wish you a happy month!
Thank you also for the mail. Due to unforseen developments I had to close the former blog.
Would be more than glad to see you also at:
Time to hoist the anchor...

Stephany said...

Glad it was a good visit, and yes how wonderful you met when so young and seem to have the same spirit, really glad you were able to see each other in person, very good.

Just imagining a field of poppies is a wonderful image, and having a memory from childhood is wonderful.


Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for coming by and inviting me over to your new blog.
I have just been there and really enjoyed your first post.
Hope your other regular readers of your old blog plus many new ones will enjoy reading this new blog as much.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for visiting, Katrin's visit was brilliant today really good, no matter how long since we last saw each other we always click straight away.

Have a good Thursday.

awb said...

I hope it's a blast!


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
It was gre at.
Thanks for coming by and leaving your encouraging comment.
Hope today is good for you.

JC said...

I hope your day was fun.
Also, liked the story ... from yesterday ... about how you got your dogs.