Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy days are here again very soon…..Yippee!

I was crying in the photo Thursday because the moulding session was happening and it was very painful.

Sitting up safely has been a big worry, could see that if I did not get the right amount of support that I would end up with another huge open wound.

The session with Elwyn helped to reassure me on this score which was good.

It was painful until the cushion had been moulded to my body and was supporting me adequately, at which point I had an intimation of how good sitting up could be again.

Elwyn from Summit, was gradually pulling my body upright while adjusting the air in the vacuum cushion in to support me and in order to create the mould that will become the seat and back of my wheelchair.

This can't be done until the City Council give the go ahead, I estimate that this will be in mid October.

May even surprise us by being earlier than that, whenever it comes there will be no holding me back anymore as I am rearing to go outside.

The other good news on Thursday was that sitting for 40 minutes had no negative effect whatsoever on the healing pressure sore, there was no redness to indicate any stress.

Ludwine checked before she left here, that was good to know, she also talked to Ton Peeks as soon as she had got back to the RCA, the Amsterdam Rehabilitation Clinic.

She has organised that he will visit weekly once I start to sit in the wheelchair, she also phond my physiotherapist and asked her to do more neck exercises.

Very pleased with how Ludwine took control of the molding session on Thursday and how she was checking everything that Elwyn did.

Extremely reassuring to see the care she was taking to ensure that I would get the support that I needed.

Yesterday Richie had some more good news, the sore has healed up considerably since Thursday, he can only just get a tiny bit of the bandage in.

Think Ton Peeks, from the RCA, will be very pleased when he visits us to check on the sore this coming Wednesday morning.

Feeling very confident now about sitting up now that I have experienced the support of the cushion.

That together with the commitment from the people there on Thursday to make sure that this becomes a reality for me as soon as possible.

Good to get a perspective of good things happening for me, Richie and I really want to get out together again.

It is going to be brilliant to go down the market again and to see the stall holders that know us and to take part in the social event that is the market.

Very much looking forward to trips out in my electric wheelchair, am planning to visit favourite places around the city.

The Basjoe coffeeshop for cake and fruit smoothie and the Italian food stall across the water behind Central Station for espresso and lemon cake.

A roll around in the park to enjoy out dogs at play as well as a gig at the Paradiso on the Leidseplein.

Would be brilliant if someone good were visiting, like Willie Nelson or the Misfits or Lyle Lovett.

Have to check it out, getting quite excited now about the very real prospect of being mobile in my adapted wheelchair.

Look forward to nipping a round the City.

Happy days are here again very soon…..Yippee!

Thanks everyone for your friendship, encouragement and support.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

OMG I can feel your excitement!!!! And Herrad, as a music lover of all genres (well, most!), I had to giggle at the mention of Willie Nelson and The Misfits in the same sentence, lol! It's like me saying I'd love to see P.I.L. or El Divo, whichever one's in town, lol! I sure hope it's before mid-October! What a wonder autumn for both of us!!! What great news that the sore wasn't affected whatsoever...I'm so elated for you!!! And I think this is a record for number of exclamation marks in one comment, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Autumn is going to be wonderful I am very excited.
Thanks for coming by and thanks for your support.
Have a good day.

Stephany said...

This is just grand, Herrad, truly grand occasion. The day you go out, will be the greatest day in the park ever with the dogs, the best tasting goodies and drinks, you'll have earned it. Not sure if many ppl can appreciate freedoms so taken for granted. One time, my daughter had been in a hospital for nearly 5 months. When I would take her on drives she looked and looked at the countryside, as someone would who never saw it before.

Just to sit outside and take a breath of that air and watch the dogs run, will be one of your golden moments, that is for sure.

Have a pleasant evening!

suejan said...

super news.I'll expects pics of Amsterdam. Is that a Clarice Cliffteapot at top?

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
You are right it will be the best day ever.
I used to get quite emotional going out so after all this time I will be a touch over the top in my excitement at being outside again.
It will be wonderful.
Have a pleasant afternoon.

Herrad said...

Hi Suejan,
It is great isn't, there will be pics of my trips out.
Have a good weekend.
sorry no idea about the teapot

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh YEA!! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! The thought of enjoying a lemon cake and coffee...wonderful :) Being able to zip around, well, that just makes me tear up - I am just so happy for you. I can't imagine how uncomfortable the fitting was at times....but its done! And hopefully by mid-October the world is yours! YEA!!! That lemon cake awaits......

Hugs and hoping that you're having a very enjoyable Saturday!

Anonymous said...

What I wish for you is anything that takes away a little of your pain and/ or improves the quality of your life.

Herrad said...

Hi Marit,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your sweet comment, got a tear in my eye reading it.
You are right by mid October I shall be getting out and about.
Lemon cake and fruit smoothies await me and this beautiful city.

Hi Mary,
Thanks to you too for coming by and also leaving such a sweet comment.
Your good thoughts and wishes are very appreciated.

Thanks so much both of youm coming by really gives me a boost to see your comments coming in.
Have a good weekend.

Erika C. said...

Wow! I am excited for you. I hope you will have a wonderful time in the park with delicious treats and the best music you could ever wish for!


Herrad said...

Hi Erika,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
When I go out I will have such fun, I am researching gigs to go to and have found 5 concerts, life is going to be more exciting soon.
Have a good weekend.

Lisa Emrich said...

So happy that this is really happening!! Can't wait to see you out and about. :)

Ana said...



Webster said...

I guess you had better order that fleece for your autumnal whirls around the neighborhood to the park with the doggies, and the market and coffee shops. Richie will be getting his exercise just trying to keep up with you! But hearing your laughter will keep him going, you can bet on it.

I could see in those pictures that the fitting of the chair was painful for you - especially at first. But now that's done. Great news about the sore being even smaller!

I'll see if I can round up some lemon cake and make some espresso to have with it..... Just tell me when and we'll have it vicariously together.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Herrad, You should be backstage with Willie! Write him a letter! So happy to see your patient persistence has paid off as well as Ritchie's great care, support and food and your warm and wonderful health care providers. I salute their efforts and experience.We did can 14 quarts and 7 pints of stewed tomatoes yesterday. Now for a day off!

Nat said...

Herrad I am so happy for you, and excited on your behalf. I will keep my fingers crossed that it all happens smoothly and quickly for you.


Diane J Standiford said...

Brilliant! You deserve this. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Herrad said...

Hi Lisa,
We are very happy at the prospec to me getting out again.
Soon as I am out and about we will post photos.

Hi Ana,
:) to you too.

Hi Webster,
Will be ordering warm clothes next week.
Look forward to our lemon cake and espresso soon.

Hi Mary,
I wish Willie were coming to town, I will try to mail him and ask whe n he will be here again.
Great effort with your tomatoes, sounds like you will be eating well
Hi Nat,
Thanks for your good wishes.

Hi Diane,
Thanks for sharing this too.

Thanks fdor coming by and being supportive, it has helped me alot and I very much appreciate your friendship and encouragement.
Have a great start to the new week tomorrow.