Friday, September 04, 2009

An early autumn day.

Feeling really nauseous today, that’s the effect of the antibiotics I have been taken this week, they were for a bladder infection.

So had to take them, really don’t like them as they severely de regulate your body, they make me feel sick and they constipate me, luckily the THC helps with that too.

Yesterday was horrible because of the amount of pain that I was in and added to that it was the first dark, rainy, cloudy day and really clear that autumn was here.

Mind you summer happened equally quickly here this year one minute it was 20 degrees and the next 30 degrees.

Today is a pleasanter day and will become even nicer after my shower and hair cut.

At 6 pm 3 friends will be around to drink some proseccio and eat some nibbles like cassava crackers and wasabi crackers and nuts.

Hope that I will feel up to it at 4 pm, hope so, really want the feeling of being sick to go away.

Had a success this week surprising Richie with a practise chanter, this helps you learn how to play the bagpipes.

He would love a s et of bagpipes so the chanter is a good start, and he loves it, so I am very happy.

It is nice to be able to surprise him, have managed a couple this year, got him tee-shirts for his birthday and 3 cd’s as a surprise.

The cd was Booker T and the New York Dolls which is a great mix, and best of all Richie was so pleased.

So that made me very happy, what was really good about the cd’s was I could pay via paypal so I opened an account and I can pay by logging on so Richie does not need to log me on to the bank.

PayPal is excellent for surprising my darling Richie, and it makes me so happy to see his pleasure.

I am going to keep this short; I am trying not to get too upset with finding typing and moving the mouse so difficult.

It feels like I am rolling a huge boulder up a hill covered in sticky treacle and every time I open something I close it too.

Think I shall stop now and find some pictures for today.

Have a good Friday


Dave Serjeant said...

Hi Herrad, just stopping by.

Is it the bladder infection interfering making the MS worse?

Hope it clears up soon and the pain isn't too unbearable.


Herrad said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your visit and c omment.
Have a good day./

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, I love bagpipes being played, sounds fun that you could surprise Richie like that. Really sorry to read the last 2 days of moving the mouse feeling like it's a big rock. Wouldn't audio blgging be fun? each blog author transcribes their blog into audio, and then we can have the voices behind the words.

Cheers ahead of time when you sip your pink bubbly with friends later. I hope it's a pleasant visit that lifts your spirits, both you and Richie.

There's a small Jack Russell at our dog park that has been running the big dogs around, it's been quite funny to watch, Koda eventually just stands there. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I'm sorry you feel so grosse. I know that nausea from taking anti-biotics...I used to have to eat a huge meal before taking them or I'd be sick 24/7. I hope you feel better and enjoy the prossecio and nibblies! I tasted prossecio for the first time a few years back, it was really yummy! I think fall has arrived here too, it's nice and cool at night, and in the mid 20's during the day. Love this weather! How neat that Richie wants to learn the bagpipes! I had to look up "chanter" in Google Images to see what it was. That's a great instrument to start with! Banjo then bagpipes, how cool!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Sorry about your infection (can you use cranberry juice or tablets to prevent?)
and your mouse problems.
Happy you can offset with good food and good company.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Wish we could do audio blogging would be great.
I have been meaning to do a podcast since February and here it is Sept.and nothing yet.
Hope I can do something soon.
Sadly did not sip bubbly did not feel up to it, we will do it nother time.

Hi Rain,
Sadly no bubbly and nibbles felt too nauseous for that and also tired have not slept well the last two nights.

Hi Mary,
This time it was too far gone cranberry juice, will ask Richie to get me some.
Wonder how the weathe ris doing over your way?
Here it is non stop rain since 4pm.

Thanks for coming by dear friends.
Have a good Saturday.


JC said...

Sorry I haven't checked in on you in a while

Been busy ...

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble

I think of you often ... so, don't think that I don't ... ok.

I'll be better at visiting you ... I promise

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, I hope you feel better soon for another try at the bubbly, hope Saturday is a nice one for you.

Webster said...

Sorry about your pain, and the weakness in your hands Herrad. I was thinking infection when you first mentioned it. Cranberry juice alone is not concentrated enough to acidify the urine by itself; try concentrated cranberry tablets or capsules. I just ran out, but I get them at the pharmacy no Rx needed, and they're not expensive.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Have a biscuit or some milk before taking your antibiotic - it may help with the nausea.

Celeste Maia said...

Hi Herrad,

I hope the nauseous feeling went away and you were able to enjoy your friends. Antibiotics are terrible necessities, how many more days do you have to be taking them?
Here in Madrid, all of a sudden the temperatures dropped and I am grateful for that, the heat has been unbearable.
Hope you were able to have a restful night.
Love, Celeste