Monday, September 21, 2009

Sugar Festival and the end of Ramadam and Good Neighbours.

Gustav Klimt.

Can't believe it is Monday already, seems to come round even faster every week, maybe it is because I want it to be time to go out.

What seemed like ages until mid October is know pretty close by and very achievable without stress.

This morning got woken up by the strangest spasms in my little fingers felt like they were electrified.

My little finger twitched furiously and hurt like hell, it was a rotten awakening, helpless to do anything to make it ease up.

Did my best to relax and drift back off to sleep but could not as the fingers kept twitching and hurting.

Until Richie fetched some THC for me which helped me sleep again, bliss I drifted off happily to sleep.

A few hours later a leg spasm and children playing football outside woke me up again, this time I wanted to wake up.

Mathilde my wonderful physical therapist has been, we did 30 minutes of intensive exercises, including extra neck exercises as per Ludwine's instructions last Thursday.

I told Mathilde, all about the modelling session with Elwyn from Summit and she was very interested to hear all about it.

She was very impressed with Ludwine's phone call to her on Thursday, so am I, was pleased that Ludwine thought of all aspects of my sitting again.

Ludwine is an impressive woman, she is excellent at her job, and does it so well, it is nice to meet someone like her who is so involved and caring about the people she deals with.

Last night Rachida, our beautiful neighbour brought me some of her freshly made cookies and pastries.

They are delicious, somehow I managed to not eat too many, so have half left over for later, they are just the right amount of honey syrup and sesame seeds.

Delicious Moroccan delicacies, Rachida had lots of visitors as they were happily celebrating the Sugar Festival and the end of Ramadan.

Rachida brings us a plate full of her delicious cookies and pastries every Sugar Festival since we moved here in 2007.

Good to have neighbours that you know and who come by to visit, really glad we have that here.

Well it is beautiful sunny weather today with blue sky and it is warm, have seen some people who are in shorts and small t-shirts, summer is really back again.

I am going to post this and find some pictures on the web, have decided to find pictures by Gustav Klimt.

Have a pleasant day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I'm so glad you're feeling good these days! Mid-October will be here before we know it, just over 2 weeks away!! Dare I say no neighbours are good neighbours, lol? I guess that's just my own experience! I'm sitting here watching The Comedy Network, just waiting for the front desk to tell me the cottage is ready!! Looking forward to no neighbours, lol! Enjoy your wonderful Monday!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming by, hope you are installed in the cottage now.
Have a good Monday.

Stephany said...

I love the Klimt painting 'the kiss'. the use of color and floral motif is really lovely.

that's so nice of the neighor bringing over pastries to you!

it got down to 45 degrees here last night, the first time out of the 50's in at least 6 months, that must be because i bought a small pumpkin to set on the porch yesterday! i encouraged autumn to arrive on time! lol

have a super evening!

Cranky said...

Herrad - glad to hear of Ludwine going the extra mile and demonstrating her caring and thoughtfulness.

I agree with Rain ... the time will race by. At our ages, time goes by way too fast!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Tahnks for coming by and leaving a comment.
Love the thought of the pumpkin on your front porch.
Pumpkin soup is delicious, a tasty autumn treat with croutons.
Have a good evening too.

Hi Cranky,
Ludwine is special, so glad I got her in 2006, a chance thing,that has been very good for me.
You and Rain a re right October is here very soon.
Have a good evening.

Thanks both of you for coming by.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Beautiful pictures! And YES - sweets, dessert, cookies...pastries... YUM! Nice job on the self control - that is very very hard for me :) Sorry about the fingers, I can't imagine what that must have been like. But the GREAT news is that mid October will be here before you know it! YEA!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Marit,
I finished off the cookies this aftternoon, they were delicious.
You are right mid October will be here quite quickly now.
Getting very excited about the prospect of going out and so is Richie.
Hope your day today was good.

robert said...

Spending a couple of days in Vienna introduced me to Klimt, whom I did not know before. Favourite as well being 'the kiss'.
Wishing you all the best and a sweet tasting Tuesday.

Kris said...

I can't wait for mid-oct as well! Looks like I'll be across the pond and in your hood by then! Hoping for a Copenhagen, Berlin, and Amsterdam adventure. Maybe not Copenhagen... will keep you posted. Have a great day!

Have Myelin? said...

WOW. Was it a shock to see Klimt on your blog. That was my daughter's favorite artist. I have one of his prints in my bedroom- it was hers. She also had a book of his art.

Can you believe we had snow yesterday??? I hope you are feeling good today!

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Was Vienna beautiful and did you eat Viennese cakes during your visit?
Klimt is good, forgot that he waas considered abit naughty in his time.

Hi Kris,
Copenhagen is a great City and Berlin and Amsaterdam too.
Sounds like a good trip, did you get a place sorted here?

Hi Sherry,
Snow already thats mad even with global warming.
Sorry that I gave you a shock seeing the Klimts.
Hope todays weather was nice and sunny.

Thanks for coming by and visiting me, it is always very good to see your comments
Have a good afternoon/evening.