Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sunny, Bright Tuesday.

Hops Bread.


Yesterday was a light, sunny day and today is the same, it is another bright, sparkling sunny day and it is very warm.

It feels warm, sunny and very relaxed, it is a warm, balmy early autumn day, which is a wonderfully bonus after the glorious summer we have had.

How I wish this sort of weather could be everyday, somehow I almost feel bad, immodest for wanting this sort of weather all year.

Maybe it sounds weird, come on this is Northern Europe, but it is not at all weird for someone like me who was born in Trinidad to want blue skies and warm all year around.

In Trinidad it is not an unrealistic wish but here it is and here I have never become used to not having the blue sky and the warm balmy air all year round.

Now I know that I will never lose that desire either as it is what I was born into, that is what my body and my mind really need.

However we human are adaptable so like everyone else I too have learned to adapt to the weather here.

So much so that I almost forgot why I love blue skies and sun so much, don’t even mind if its not always warm as long as it loos nice.

Going to load up on sunshine this week, as this does not happen too much during the autumn here in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam so often as a grey cloudy lid on the city which can set in and last for weeks, hoping this autumn will be clear and bright.

Marianne came by for her weekly visit, we talked solidly for two hours and she has gone home now to do colour her hair.

Was very pleasant to see her, as it is every week, it really has been good luck to have met her and have the pleasure of getting to know her.

She is a wonderful woman, good fun, intelligent and very caring, she is a good friend and it’s good to see that we are all enjoying each others company.

Well it’s a pleasant afternoon, is going to sit in bed and listen to the kids playing outside and listen to some radio tinkling in the background.

Have a good Tuesday I am.


Celeste Maia said...

Hello Herrad, your images are pure escapism for me. I want to go to all that blue and eat all that food and drink all those drinks!!!
I am so glad you enjoy Marianne's visits and have a good time with her.
I created a prize, why not? And you are one of the winners. So please come and get it, and also please help me figure out why dont the links connect to the blogs I am giving the prize to. I tried everything!

awb said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hey! I hope the good weather continues, and that you have a great day!


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, I grew up where it was mostly warm and sunny too, and have learned to like the cooler weather to the point I don't like the heat anymore, that could be getting older too, I suppose.

It's a bright day here with a few white fluffy clouds. I'm going out in a while to hike up a local mountain, a goal i've worked on for a while, not an enormous hike, but for me it is! I'll let you know how it went. One thing I love though about nice weather outside is eating outside on patios, that I think I will always enjoy.

steve said...

I'm up in my home office, watching the clouds and airplanes pass by. Oh, and I can hear BR tinkling in the background -- the catheter issues are back.

Herrad said...

Hi Celeste Maia,
Glad you like the images, think I could join you eating and drinking all the food and drink, sounds a good idea.
Thank you for the beautiful award which I am very happy with.

Hi Andy,
Thanks for your concern, today was another lovely sunny day.
Hope you are doing well.

Thanks both of you for coming by and commenting real nice to communicate with you.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Webster said...

It just got up to 68F today, but the sun was out after a few showery days. So when I got home from my Dr. appt, I made myself a latte and sat in the last bit of sun on the patio and soaked it up.

P.S. I was wearing a fleece vest! The MS has me feeling cold all the time - especially my feet. They are like ice to me, but not to the touch. MS is so effin' wierd.

Hope you enjoyed your day.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Curious where you grew up now, to some extent I have become used to the weather here.
Hope your hike was good fun yesterday, look forward to hearing about it.
Eating outside is great, notice here how much our neighbours love it, any reason they are out on the pavements with a table and a picnic.

Hi Steve,
Sorry to hear BR has a catheter problems again, hope it can be sorted.
Next week I am due for a new one, so our lovely doctor will be here to do change it.
One consolation about Dagma coming round is it always feels like Audrey Hepburn has called not a doctor in a white coat.
Dagma looks very un doctor like with her beautiful clothes and exquisite shoes, a vision.
Plus she is intelligent and good fun.
Hope the catheter issue can be solved for you both real soon

Hi Webster,
Wish I could have sat out on your porch with you and had a latte too, sounds like a good time.
You saying fleece vest reminds me that I need some too must have a look where I can buy them on the web and via PayPal.
I If you have any tips please let me know.

Thanks for coming by Stephany, Steve and Webster, you all feel like old friends now which is nice I think.
Hope you all have a good day today.

Lucy said...

You sound so upbeat today, Herrad. I want to thank you for your pep talk last week. It mis nice to have someone remind me that I should not beat myself up. One day I want to write a kind of personal feelings I have when I go in Morts or your blog. I will do that on my blog one day soon. You both meet challenges every single day and I am so proud of both of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Soak up that sun and blue skies!!! I'm doing the same, we are having a great pre-fall season so far. Our Octobers and Novembers are usually rainy-dreary-wet and snowy...I'll be wearing my parka and toque before I know it! I love the collection of photos you posted, especially the banana bread beer, what fun! I have never heard of it! xxxxx

Nancy said...

Hope you have a nice clear and warm day, and week. It is warm here with a feeling of cool breezes that have been building in their power. The trees around our home capture most of them high in the branches, which leaves our little home mostly calm.

I enjoyed the pictures of Trinidad. It is a lovely place. I would love to visit sometime. Take care.

CrazyCris said...

The weather in the "Low Countries" is something that it's hard for those of us used to "fair weathered" countries to get used to...
I know it was one of the main reasons I was so burnt out with Belgium when I left and headed back to Spain and the Mediterranean 18 months ago... and it's one of the main reasons I hesitated on returning to Belgium for these three months! But then we get beautiful days like all this week, and I'm reminded how beautiful it is around here (I love the green! Alicante is so brown!) when the sun shines! So I'll just make the most of the beautiful days and enjoy a true Autumn with all its colours, and when it's grey or rainy I'll just pop in a movie or curl up with a book and ignore the weather! ;o)

Herrad said...

Hi Lucy,
We all beat ourseleves up but sometimes its not obvious to us.
Happy we have met.

Hi Rain,
Yesterday was warm enough for the fan, today was warm.
Hope you have a good day today.

Hi Nancy,
Yesterday very warm, needed fan, today warm with cool breeze.

Thanks for coming by.

Herrad said...

Hi Cris,
Blimey thats quite a move Spain to Belguim.
But you are right there are some beautiful autumn days.

Sita said...

Hi Herrad,
Always good seeing pictures of 'home'--strange that even having lived more years in Canada, TT is still my 'home'...I do love that pic of the tree in full bloom on the beach---do you know what kind of tree it is and what beach?
Last night I was just doing random writing and remembered a childhood memory with the neighbourhood kids in Arima running through the Arima savannah at twilight--it was my most exhilirating experience ever!

Do take care...Love, Sita

Herrad said...

Hi Sita,
Recently come to the same conclusion that even though we left when I was 11 it is still my home.
Wish I knew what sort of tree and which beach, sadly I do not, if I ever do I will let you know.
Richie is making curry and platain and coo coo tonight also mango chow.
Running on the savanah in Port of Spain with our dalmatian dog was always very good and eating a roti on the way homw was the best.
Have a good day.