Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Despite the dreary looking weather I am going to enjoy this day.

Rock Pools.

It is a cold grey rainy day today; we even had the heating on for ten minutes to take the chill of the room.

Quite a change in the weather now which does not preclude it getting warmer before the end of the month.

Slept well last night until about 7 am when a spasm woke me at the same time as noise outside.

Richie had THC there real quick and I inhaled and not long after fell asleep again and slept until 10.30 when Richie did the leg exercises and massage.

Always good to do as I feel so much better after Richie has finished doing it, some days there is a lot of tension in my legs.

Today there was quite a lot, notice that I am not looking outside so much today, and Marleen, our brown and white Jack Russell is not keen at all.

After a cuddle and game with Richie she preferred to curl up well away from her usual place by the window.

She seems to dislike rain and won’t look out of the window on a rainy day; she has her likes and dislikes.

Notice that this weather is not easy for me, again this is because it is quite a change, and my muscles are aching.

Guess that the answer is I will do extra arm exercises later on this afternoon and see if that has any effect.

Marianne will be here soon for our Tuesday visit, what a change from last week when it was very warm, even had the fan on.

Marianne had a tiny tee shirt on, think that this week she will have a long sleeved top on and a jacket.

Summer is now definitely over; it has been a brilliant summer, the best in years here in The Netherlands.

Summer is starting in Australia and New Zealand right now; hope I can stop myself feeling slightly hard done by that we do not have summer too.

Maybe I will finally accept the reality of different seasons, think this is still difficult for me, in Trinidad we have two seasons, the dry season and the wet season.

Ok despite the dreary looking weather I am going to enjoy this day.

Hope you do too.


Rain said...

Hi Herrad! It's dreary weather here too! I had the heat on all night, it was nice and cozy! I'm still having trouble staying awake...was in bed by 9pm last night and only just up an hour ago! (8:30am) Funny, I was so panicky before I got here about missing my favourite tv shows, lol, because they're all on an hour later because of the time difference, but I am quickly losing interest in television. I got a call from the university today, and am waiting for an email with an appointment time to discuss my options! I should be in school in January, I'm so happy about that. What to do today? Money is tight for the next 3 weeks....maybe a drive along the coast? There is supposed to be a great area for seal watching, I'll have to see if I can find it! I don't think I could handle a year without 4 seasons, I'm so used to it! I look forward to winter too, which is funny because I used to hate it!

I hope you have a nice visit with Marianne and a lovely day despite the weather!!! xxx

PS: I love the photos of the sea creatures!

JC said...

It was cloudy her yesterday. The girls and I did indoor things.

Today looks like it might be nicer out.

Hope you have a Good Day My Dear,

Amrita said...

Nice to hear you are not letting the weather get you down.

Thank you for sending me pictures of your dogs they are so sweet.

I am crazy about dogs,
Have a good day.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad! I love the ocean and tide pools, and breathing in sea air. It's my favorite place to go if I can. Happy evening to you.

Libby said...

hi herrad! have a good day, even though it's definitely autumn!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hi Herrad - well, the Marine Layer has kicked in here and its been cloudy all morning. A bit cooler even - the ocean waves seem to be a bit angry, crashing on the shore with a very strong undercurrent. Definitely a seasonal change!

Keep the upbeat mood - and if/when the sun breaks through out here, I'll think of you, and send warm(er) thoughts your way! :)

Lucy said...

Hi Herrad, it is dreary here to. My address for my life is:
I also have it on todays blog at the top that you can click on and it will take you there. I never really learned about links though Rain tried to teach me. Not all that interesting. Just thought I would give you the address. That is the end of tomato's now.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Great news about university, brilliant.
Hope you saw some seals.
Had a great time with Marianne.

Hi JC,
Its been a good day, nice to see Marianne and chat.
Hope yours is too.

Hi Amrita,
Glad you liked the photos of our dogs.
Sadly no mangos at the shop today, so Richie got some nice soft fruit.

Hi Stephany,
Rock pools used to be a favourite, sadly none here in Holland.
Hope you have a good evening too.

Hi Libby,
It really is autumn now, quite cool today.
Hope your day is good too.

Hi Marit,
Bet the waves look magnificent, will keep upbeat especially on Thursday.
Thanks for your sweet comment.

Hi Lucy,
Thanks for the link, will takea look as soon as I post this.
Brilliant news that you havestarted a new blog with your writing about your youth.

Thanks for coming by and leaving comments.
Thanks for your encouragement and support.
Hope you all had a good Tuesday.

Webster said...

Hi Herrad,
I hope you warm up a bit by doing your exercises. I had a nice day at the Fair, but it might start raining later this week. Keeping fingers crossed - I'm not ready for Summer to end yet! It's been nice for so long I'm getting used to it. Rather have it too warm than too cold; I get stiff when I'm cold!

Maybe a shot of Brandy for those rainy days...

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Both yesterday and today we had the heating on to warm the appartment for 10 minutes.
Now it is beautiful weather, blue sky and sunshine.
Agree with you about the weather.
Hope your Wednesday is good.