Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wild Horses Gram Parsons Tribute


Nancy said...

That was very enjoyable. Thanks for posting it. I also really enjoyed all the sea life pics. Hope you are having a good day today. Blessings.

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for visiting, my day was good, hope your is too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Just popped by to say hello and hope you have a great Wednesday! It's a beautiful day today so far...cool and sunny, high of 14 so it will be a perfect day to bring the boys back to the beach for a long stroll! I figured out why I'm so tired all the time, I'm not used to that ocean breeze/wind. I was sitting by the harbour yesterday and my eyes were feeling quite tired and it hit me that the wind was doing it! I'll have to muster up a little more optical stamina or I'll be sleeping 12 hours a day, lol!
I hope today goes well with the catheter change Herrad...I wish you all the strength I can. I know you're like me, and you worry about things to come, I can relate to that part. Really hope it goes seemlessly today. Take care, talk to you later!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for your concern,It all went well today.
I have a new catheter and my next appointment will ne 17 november.
Heard that I have to have a blood test to check the various pills are not damaging my kidneys.
Really hate needles, I shall forget about it for now and worry nearer the time.
Have a good day.