Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beautiful thoughts of things to come very soon.

Today is a quick day, we did not have such a restful night, got woken up by two people having a very loud conversation outside our window.

Once we were both awake they moved off again, luckily thc got me back to sleep until 6.30 when the container were emptied.

And it seemed like the entire theatre opposite were outside rehearsing this morning or so it sounded to me.

Feel slightly seedy from all the disturbances in the night and being woken so early this morning.

Mind you the blue sky and sunshine has given me a big lift so has a visit from Marianne and Cecile.

Was very pleasant to see them both, and both looking so well, always a pleasure to see friends looking good and happy too.

Had a good talk with Marianne and then Cecile and watched Cecile drink pink proseccio, did not feel like drinking.

Watching was good too and listening to her stories of her recent trip to Sicily, sounded good.

Lin came by from The British General Stores with some things we fancied like oatcakes and Daddie's sauce and pickled onions and ginger oat biscuits.


Really nice to see her again, it has been awhile as her shop keeps her busy, which is good for business but not so for her social life.

Lin is a gem, good to see her looking so well after her recent holiday in Boston and Oregon.

Have just ordered a winter jacket and protective bag to put under and zip up the sides so I am warm and snug this winter.

Need to organise this now so it is all here when I can go out next month.

Getting extremely excited about the prospect of outside and feeling the air and seeing people and traffic and the sights and sounds and smells of Amsterdam.

Beautiful thoughts of things to come very soon.

Hope you also have a pleasant time today.


Rain said...

Shopping!!! OMG you're are in "prep" mode!!! Don't forget hat, scarf and mittens!!!
Reminds me I have to get some winter booties for the boys soon!
How exciting this is huh? Oh gosh Herrad, I know how you feel about being woken up....funny, this cottage is right on a major highway, but the cars and trucks zooming by don't bother me a bit...it's the darn HUMANS....I guess it's because they should know better!!! It's sunny, warm and WINDY here!!! I'll send you some pix of the cottage soon!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Been saying it for weeks and finally sent the e-mail just now, so feeling good about that.
Look forward to seeing your photos.
Have a good time.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, That sounds like a nice day of company you have had, making up for the awakening from the noise.

We are having a last-ditch effort from summer trying to heat up autumn, it's going to be around 80+ degrees today and tomorrow! I have to admit I'm getting tired of the heat.

Well, have a nice rest of the day today


Rhapsody B. said...

Having a loud conversation eh, that you pleasure way of saying they were fighting?

Nice to read you out and about, love the pictures, very provactive some of them.

Take care of you and by all means do stay blessed.


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Its been a good day for friends coming around.
It is how I always liked it plenty of visitors.
Sounds like it is very warm bet Koda is not too happy about that.
Hope you had a good day and a pleasant evening.

Hi Rhapsody,
How lovely to see your comment girlfirend, they were not quite fighting, but they were very drunk indeed.
Glad you liked the pictures.
Hope you had a good day today.

Thanks both of you for coming by.
Have a good Wednesday.
Big hug.to you both.

robert said...

'smiling and happy for you'

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Smiling back at you, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
Have a good Wednesday.

Kelli said...

I always enjoy the photos you choose to post. I too am so excited for you being able to plan for your outings next month. It will be so great to hear from you after your first outing.
Love to you,

K*OS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

I didn't sleep well last night either. My cat thought food was more important. Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Blinders Off said...


Interesting pictures,:-) I am so looking forward to your post about your outing. Save some of that excitement energy…

Libby said...

yay, herrad! company & shopping, 2 of the best things in the world, right? lol!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Sorry about being awoken so early - eeks! But good that it was a nice day in general. :) And planning for all the outside excursions - awesome! THAT is something to be super excited about! Hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Webster said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day visiting with friends and planning for future days outside (YES!). Here today was a good day, tool. First I had an appointment, then picked up some Rx's, then DH and I went for a stroll through a local Nature Conservancy. The sign was confusing, and we ended up going the wrong direction with him pushing me on the half-mile loop. Turns out the w/c accessible route wasn't the loop - which we soon found out! Our little stroll turned into an adventure, but one which we'll be sure to repeat.