Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Already 17 February.

Had a relaxed time until after my visit from Marianne when I was doing my post and noticed my index finger was having trouble clicking.

Getting frustrated already yesterday with my hands, this was from 4 pm to 7 pm my hand just could not do what I wanted it to do, luckily I just about managed to get my post done and find pictures.

Then my index finger totally packed up and my hand could not hold the mouse, got super annoyed.

Especially as I had just said the day before that I would do everything I could to keep communicating.

Today it seemed for awhile that this would not be as long as I had hoped it would be.

Luckily once I had been to the bathroom and done my leg exercises at the Motomed and returned to bed my hand and index fingers were ok again.

It was a relief; the other good news is that the Dutch company that sells the Brainfingers software have responded to my email.

So if all goes well I should have an appointment for a demonstration next week, I will post about it when it has happened.

Today we were waiting for Ton to arrive at 11.45 but no Ton, finally phoned him only to be told he would be here tomorrow with Ludwine at 12.30.

Argh! Thought that the bum inspection would happen today not tomorrow, suddenly can really feel increased empathy with the German snowboarder last night.

She was ready to go and was stopped and had to wait for a few minutes before she had to get herself ready again.

She got a silver medal, think her goal was a gold medal, but difficult to do when your concentration has been broken, especially like that in full view of so many.


Rain said...

I know that Ton treats you very well, but would a phone call be out of the question to let you know he's coming Thursday instead of Wednesday? Ugh! Good news about the Brainfingers demo Herrad! Can't wait to hear about that! Finally a real snowstorm today! 15cm should fall this morning and I'm looking forward to getting back out on the snowshoes!!

The same thing happened during the men's speed skating, there were problems with the machine that cleaned the ice and they were all delayed by 90 minutes, the favourites weren't even close to a medal!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Yes, too bad Ton didn't phone to let you know, hope you can have a relaxing evening though!


Nancy said...

I hope you are able to keep communicating, one way or the other. It must be frustrating...

I agree with the breaking of concentration. It does make a difference. it sort of breaks the "flow" you get yourself in. Take care. Hope the sore is doing well.

JC said...

Just checking in on you ^,,^

awb said...

Hope the hand responds, and enjoy the olympics, we are.


Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming by, think we miscommunicated,
15 cm more snow is heaps.
Ours has gone today.

Hi Stephany,,
Thanks for coming by, we had a good day and evening hope you did too.
Think we both miscommunicated.

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for coming by, my hands were very difficult just now but ok now.
Just have to keep calm and not get stressed.

Hi JC,
Thanks for coming by, nice to see your comment.

Hi Andy,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Hand comes and goes.
The Olympics are good.
The ice hockey and snow boarding are my favourites.

Thanks everyone for coming by, lovely to see your comments.
Keep warm.