Monday, February 01, 2010

Sunshine and Electricity.

Had other nights good sleep, the sleepy tea + THC works well together, makes me feel extremely relaxed.

After drinking the tea and inhaling a few vapour bags I could hardly keep my eyes open, while Richie put Vaseline on my lips.

Richie always checks the position of my body and corrects my posture, last night I did not notice a thing, as I was practically asleep at this point.

The next thing that I was conscious of was noticing that I was awake again this morning, and feeling all the pain again.

Luckily all is well with my catheter today, yesterday here was a hint of an emergency about it as we both realised that I must have at least a liter and a half in my bladder.

So glad today was by contrast a slow start to the day, I very bravely did my arm exercises even though I wanted to avoid them.

The weather has not been quiet, first the sky was grey and cloudy then the clouds went and the sun came out

We had about an hour of gorgeous sunshine and then quite dramatically the clouds were back and a huge downpour of snow happened.

It was a heavy downpour of snow, nearly a whiteout. It was over after 5 minutes, then the cloud had gone after another minute the sky got very dark and there was more snow, this time smaller flakes.

Then there was the sound of thunder and the sound of the first Monday in the month, city alarm.

Quite a show all together, there were a few more snow showers before the clouds moved on and now the brilliant sunshine is back.

Gorgeous sunshine but you can tell it is very cold, not cold enough for any of the snow to stay.

Mathilda my physiotherapist will be here soon, so I will hear all about the weather from her, hope it has not got too slippery out there.

I can smell that Richie is making bubble and squeak as our lunch time banquet, yummy, it was good yesterday.

Plus the ice cream was also very good, banana and coconut with small pieces of walnut and date.

The walnut pieces are excellent and the addition of the date pasta made it even creamier and nice.

Hope everyone has a good start to the week today.

Oh dear the sun has been covered by new snow clouds, it looks like it will snow again.

Just to make sure we are not too relaxed the power has gone off.
And my mattress alarm has gone off too; it does not seem to be the fuses as Richie immediately checked them.

Seems to be a general power cut.

Hope all is well soon as I feel additional pressure from the mattress being static, all is well again the electric is back on phew what a relief.

Sunshine outside and electricity inside
Happy days!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you slept well again!! Oh my, the weather sounds like it put on an awesome show for you!!! I wouldn't want to lose power these days either. Glad all is well!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
You are right the weather has been amazing today, a hell of a show.
Keep warm.

Stephany said...

What a wild weather day! that ice cream sounds super good, I love dates.


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

Thanks for coming by.

It has been a wild day, looks quiet and dark now at 6 pm.

Looking forward to ice cream tonight!


JC said...

Just stopping by to say Meow on Monday. Hope you have an interesting day.

Herrad said...

Hi JC,

Thanks for your visit and comment.
The weather has been very changeable, sun, cloud, sun and lots of wet snow and thunder.
Quite a day.
Keep warm.
Enjoy your day.

Stephany said...

PS what is bubble and squeak?

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

It is leftc over potato and cabbage fried, its nice with a fried or poached egg and bacon or strps of tofu or tempe.

Stephany said...

thanks Herrad! sounds good. I do use leftover mashed potatos for breakfast sometimes (potato pancakes) anyway, hope the evening is going nicely. I'm tired today, still reading and writing in my pajamas at nearly 12noon.


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

It is good, I used to love going to a cafe for breakfast and have the full works
bacon, egg, sausage, black pudding and bubble & squeak, baked beans, mushrooms and cup of tea.

This would be on a Sunday around 10 am with a whole pile of Sunday newspapers and I probably would not be able eat another thing until the evening.

Lovely to hear you are having a relaxing day.
Good for you still being in your pajamas at noon.
Hope your afternoon and evening was equally relaxed.

GoBigGreen said...

I always learn something reading your blog Herrad! I had no idea what a Bubble and Squeek was. Fantastic! I do know Ice cream tho:)
And good for you for doing the arm exercises, you should be proud of yourself! Have a great week! Love from Minnesota!

Peace Be With You said...

You so deftly let us peek into your life and you do it in a way that showcases your beautiful spirit. May you always have sunshine and the love of Richie.

~Erin~ said...

Wonderful that you had a good nights sleep. Never heard of Bubble and Squeak! Glad that you put the link-now I know! Have a great day Herrad.