Saturday, February 06, 2010

Misty February .Day.

Today is a very misty day, it was foggy at first but that cleared somewhat, it won't be a bright day today but maybe tomorrow.

Slept until the cold and the sound of the lorry winching the container up to empty its contents woke me up before 8 am.

Luckily Richie got up then and went to the toilet when he came back I told him that was cold, and asked him for a blanket and could he shut the window.

Soon as Richie had closed the window and put a blanket on me I felt warm again and slept on without any problems for another 2 ½ hours which was wonderful.

As soon as I was awake at 10.30 I did my arm exercises, my arms were very stiff and painful, but once I had done the exercise I could stretch my arms which was good.

Funny how I have become used to living with pain, I am aware of it all the time just now do not give it any time.

I have accepted that the pain that I feel is my nerves sending wrong messages, which does not mean it hurts less.

What it means for me is that I understand what is happening and won’t let it get to me too much.

As soon as Richie did my leg exercises and massage and I was ready for the day, but first a cuddle with Spike.

Spike has been so good since he is locked up, we do let him out regularly for cuddles and of course to go around the block and eat

Every time Spike is out Richie has to quickly close the gate to stop Marleen nipping in and stealing anything she can find.

She is not put off by the door being closed, each time she gives it a through once over, as she is desperate to get her nose in and flick the bolt back.

When she could not do this she growled at it and still kept going trying to find the right angle so she can crack it.

This morning was the same, as soon as Richie had brought Spike in here, he got Spike out for his good morning cuddle.

Poor Spike had to go back in quite quickly as he could not bear Marleen cruising around eagerly eyeing up his chew and his toys.

Poor Spike he has to stay quiet for four weeks, four weeks of Marleen planning to burgle his prison.


Rain said...

My gosh, the level of intelligence in dogs is so amazing to me! Glad you slept okay, I did too! :)
I did go out, but not for long, too windy. But I managed to get some more photos of the ice fishing on the lake, there were lots of folks out there today. Big snow storm on the way here, so I'm hunkering down!
Have a great Saturday!

Stephany said...

How funny of Marleen, poor Spike! maybe Marleen doing this will keep Spike's spirits up, by distracting him with the attempted stealing of his items! :)

Hope you all have a nice evening, so far it looks to be a sunny day here this morning.


Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Marleen is very clever, she plans, she has strategeies.
She always has 3 toys with her.

Hi Stephany,
Maybe you are right that the attempts to steal his things keeps Spike alert.

Thank for coming by and leaving cyour sweet comments.
Keep warm.

Bibliotekaren said...


Your dog characters sound amazing. I find that as the physical space in which life is played out becomes smaller, the pets become bigger. We get to observe the blow by blow interactions and our relationships become more complex. Such interesting furry companions we have.

Good Saturday evening to you all.


awb said...

I think the best sleep is that sleep you get when you're able to fall back into slumber, great.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL Pictures, my dear....!

Poor seet Spike...but at least you both get some cuddles...Hoping that his forced rest heals his knee....
Marleen is certainly a smart one, isn't she....
Animals are truly amazing!

Thanks for your bisit and your lovely words, my dear...!

Herrad said...

Hi Donna,
You are right we get to observe and understand our furry companions very well.
Your Jake is a fine looking cat.

Hi Andy,
You are right the best sleep is when you wake and sleep again.
Happening more recently.
Hope you are keeping warm doing the blizzards.

Hi Naomi,
Spike is being a wee angel and Marleen is still looking for that way to break in and grab Spikes things
Thanks to you all for coming by and leaving sweet comments.
Hope you are all having a good day and keeping warm.