Sunday, February 28, 2010

Every Day is Precious

Very wet Sunday, the very last day of February for this year, somehow it feels like the end of February has happened quicker than normal.

Of course I know it is not quicker, it is only my perception, which has changed, and I suppose it is all to do with being in the moment.

Making the most of every second, somehow this has helped me to stop worrying about what will happen.

As if worrying in advance could somehow protect me once it had happened, like some sort of pre-emptive worrying.

It has always been a strange logic but it never held me back in the past from wasting time worrying about what if.

Realise now that stress is not good for me, best to try and keep it to a minimum, which I seem to be managing well.

Somehow this has resulted in me not being worried about each day and as a result they seem to have been flying past.

Very aware that every day is precious and can never be done again, today will never happen again no matter how much I may want to replay it.

Also very aware now unlike last February that I may not see another February, I hope I do but there is no way of knowing for sure.

Mind you realise now that none of us know what the future holds for us or even if we have one.

This realisation makes living in the moment even more important now I fully understand that there are no other options.

One thing is for sure that the end of the year and the start of the New Year do not fill me with dread as they used to.

Used to get very thoughtful and introspective and would make myself have New Years resolutions which I did not believe in and they were usually broken by the 5 of January.

This was in the years before Richie when life was not as good as after I met my darling Richie.

Time became very precious to me after meeting Richie, realise now that trying to hold on to time can’t be achieved and only at a huge cost.

Holding on means you do not fully appreciate what you have, it means you are so focussed on holding on you can not enjoy the moment you are in,

It means living like my mother who worried about everything and ended up not noticing any of the good things.

Do not want to live like she did and do not think that I do, think if there was one thing I learned from observing my mother was that life is there to be enjoyed not endured.

Let us all enjoy the moments now.

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Rain said...

So many truths in this post Herrad. Stress is very hurtful to the body and mind, for sure. And yes, none of us know if we'll see another February, or another tomorrow, that's our lot in life. Once we decide to live in the moment and enjoy each and every precious minute, time does fly by doesn't it? I've learned that indecision is the greatest thief of time, but I do realize that holding on to the past is just as bad. If we're not happy with what we have now, we need to make changes to be happy, because we can't turn back the clocks ever....interesting!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming bvy and leaving your comment.
Good to see your comment.
Have a good afternoon and evening.
Keep warm.

Bibliotekaren said...

Wow, Herrad. So many things jumped out at me in this post. While I know that living in the present moment is the goal, I've been quite the worrier as of late. Your comments about pre-emptive worrying gave it a new twist. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and spirit.


Stephany said...

"life is there to be enjoyed not endured."

Herrad, how you inspire me with those simple and profound words! I wrote a post about you as a result.


Herrad said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.
You are right we all know worrying is not good yet we all do it time and again.
Needed to remind myself that life is better without my pre-emptive worrying.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.
Important that we remember we are here to enjoy not endure stoically.
I shall visit yuor blog now.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments
Have a good afternoon and evening.
Keep warm.

Dan Digmann said...

"Let us all enjoy the moments now."

Such a great post, Herrad! And if I haven't said many times before, I'm so glad Jennifer and I found your blog!



Herrad said...

Hi Dan,
Thanks for coming by and leavign your comment, real nice to see.
Hope you and Jennifer are havign a pleasant weekend.
Keep warm.

Anonymous said...

...sigh...what a joy to read, and learn. Thank you for that. A wonderful start into the new month and week as well for you all.

Rei said...

You're right with the title of this post, Herrad. You have to make every day count because each could be your last... I'm glad you're not dwelling on the negative aspects of your life, keep your spirits high! <3


weeble said...

I found myself engulfed with worry yesterday. I remembered to come back to the now. It is a very rewarding but also a difficult practice.

Your post made me think of many thing. Thank you for the reminders.

Webster said...

Excellent post, Herrad. You are a wise and wonderful woman and friend.

Now that March is here, would it be too much to ask for a little warmth and sunshine? Or just revel in the moments of showery gray weather? :-)

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and comment, nice to know you are reading.
Hope you are having a good start to the week and month.

Hi Rei,
Nice to see your comment, thanks for coming by.
I do my best to stay positive, Richie helps me masses.

Hi Weeble,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
You are right it is not easy to stay in the here and now

Hi Webster,
Thanks for visiting me and leaving your comment.
The sun shines then disappears behind clouds again.
Who knows what the weather will do next could become hot instantly hope not hope it is go gradual.

Thanks you 4 lovely friends for coming by and making my day even better.
Have a good day.
Keep warm.