Thursday, February 04, 2010

Good News From Ton

Slept until 10.30 nearly 11 then did my arm exercises and got Richie to do my legs not too long afterwards.

Needed to do both as I woke up almost screeching because of how still land painful it all felt.

Doing my arm exercises was almost brave as the room had not really warmed up by that point.

Still it was good to straighten my arms out and move my fingers, should be alright to type today, usually I am ok until it is time to be lifted by the hoist then my hands start to cramp up and Richie has to take over the mouse and open and shut things for me.

Once I am back in bed after the toilet and a shower and clean clothes and I have done my 30 minutes on the Motomed my hands are fine again.

Weird but evidence for me, that any stress is no good for MS.

Ton was here at 1.45, sadly no Ludwine she could not be here today she had too many patients this morning.

I did not mind, the fewer people to examine my bum the better,

Ton had good news, the healing is going well, it is even smaller, Ton was nearly saying perhaps by next week.

Except he is a nurse not a gambler, so we will wait and see and who know by next week all sorts could be possible.

So the rest of Thursday is at my disposal, Willes will be here after Mathilda, my physiotherapist who is due now,

So first more arm exercises with weights round the wrist, then Willes to help wit the post, and once she is gone, Richie will get me out of bed at 4 pm for a shower and nail cutting.

All go today and relax again in the late afternoon early evening.

Sweet moments all the way.


Anonymous said...

Great news Herrad! I tend not to be a gambler either, I guess I still have some cynic in me. I do hope that by next week it will be all healed! Enjoy your day, sounds like a nice one ahead!!
PS: That photo on your sidebar, is that Spike with a toy tire around his head, lol??

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
I hope its healed soon and I can start to sit again.
Yes that is Spike, our little sweetheart.

Stephany said...

Good Afternoon/Evening Herrad!

Glad to hear the positive news from Ton! I wouldn't want a lot of people inspecting it either! ha.

Anyway, I think that photo of Spike is so cute. The Jack Russells at the home dog park really are entertaining, they chase Koda all over the place and are little smart characters to boot.

Just made over easy egg on toast with bacon and left over potatos from dinner, fried in a pan all crispy for breakfast.

Lots of HUGS

Cranky said...

Herrad - good news indeed. I missed the post where you spoke about a new wound. Do you know how it got started?

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Have a good breakfast and day.
Good news fromTon.

Hi Cranky,
Ton and Richie think the skin did not heal well in october and got caught and torn.
Its looking better now I am told.
So hope soon it will be healed.

Thanks both of you for coming by.
Have a good aftern oon.

Nancy said...

Sounds great. I'm so glad you are healing nicely.

The first picture reminds me of a lovely painting of a bird of paradise I have in storage. It had arrived just as we were moving. It never made it to the wall. Now it's in storage, waiting for the right time to enjoy.

Hope you day is peaceful. It sounds busy.

Kelli said...

Hi Herrad,
Happy to hear Ton thinks you are healing.
Cute pic of Spike.
Have a good evening.

kmilyun said...

Spike and his tire - very cute!

Still reading and enjoying your posts so I figured I should leave a comment.

Healing thoughts/prayers for you always.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Sounds like great news - I'm sending good vibes your way! :) Have a great rest-of-the day... I hope it warms up soon!

Love the tropical island pics - brilliant! I can just about hear the waves...

JC said...

Just popping in to say MEW
And, hope you have a good day / evening ^,,^

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,
Hope you hang your painting soon it sounds too nice to be in storage.

Hi Kelli,
Spike does look rather sweet doesn't he.

Hi Jan,
Thanks for your kind thoughts.
Spike loved that tire,then he took it to the park and it sunk in the pond, Spike was devastated.
Richie got him a new one recently and he is very happy with it.

Hi Marit,
Glad you like the good news and pics.

Hi JC,
Hope your day/evening was good too.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving kind comments.
They give me a tremendous boost.
Hope your day tomorrow will be good.
Keep warm.

Webster said...

Assuming there still is some snow when your wound heals, will you be able to go out in it in your chair? for a teeny while? Have your outside clothes come?

I just noticed Ton's last name - maybe he should be called Ton Peaks! (you know, at bums)lol

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
There was snow and ice, was very slippery but seems that too has been washed away by the rain, it gets icy and slippery every other day.
Hope to go out soon after I can sit again.
The plan is for Ludwine to take me out the first tme so she can monitor the chair and me.
Ton Peaks that sounds dreadfully accurate!!
Keep warm its cold and looks icy today the way people are walking carefully up the road.

Amrita said...

Hi Herrad, thanks for the pictures. Hope you are doing well

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
Lovely to see your comment we are managing well.
Have a good day.