Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Visit From Ton.

It is an exceptionally cold day today, with a nasty easterly wind, and snow, which happened last night, just after Richie closed the curtains.

Shame that I did not see the snow coming down, love watching snowfall, mind you always hated how it looked after a few days in the city.

Shame that right now, I can’t go anywhere, not even for a quick look outside; mind you it is a touch too cold for me right now.

This morning all the snow was still here, heard very little noise outside so that was rather nice for us.

Meant we were not woken up very early by excited people, adults and children waiting for their course to start at the Fijnhout theatre across the road.

Have still not heard anything from the pigeons in the mornings, they are not being as loud as they often are at this time of year.

Think the unexpected cold snap has put them off starting their new breeding season, that and the fact that the anti pigeon stuff has been put down over all the guttering.

Good news that people visiting the building will no longer run the risk of getting pigeon poo all over their clothes as they arrive or depart.

So this year pigeons will not be shitting down our neighbour’s baby's bedroom windows or over their balcony and the kid’s bikes and toys.

Quite horrible to see this last summer, poor things every day they had to do a major clean up of their balcony and their windows.

Pretty dangerous stuff pigeon shit, can give you any number of unpleasant illnesses, salmonella is one of them.

Can't believe how difficult it was to get the anti pigeon stuff installed, took me about two years of emails to our landlord until they finally got the whole building done this year.

I feel pretty good getting this done; I shall enjoy it and hopefully will hear how much other residents like this improvement too.

Now there is no danger of being woken up early in the morning by amorous pigeons cooing all over the building.

Ton Peeks, from the Amsterdam Rehabilitation clinic,came by today to inspect my bottom, we were curious as to the progress, sadly this week was no noticeable change from last week.

I am not too surprised; recall how last year the healing of the pressure sore suddenly slowed down too.

It is frustrating but it has not made me feel depressed far from it I feel that I want to do my best to keep my spirits up.

Tomorrow is another day and who knows now Ton has suggested a lighter bandage perhaps the healing process will resume.

Mathilda will be here for my exercise routine and arm massage and Anne will pop by and visit.

A pleasant Thursday, one which I shall look forward to very much.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, hopefully it will improve for the next Ton check up.

Interesting about the anti-pigeon stuff, I can see how that could be distressing, have that poop everywhere!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

When it heals slower, it is healing thicker so you will have a positive outcome. Keep the faith.
Flurries today. Sun in and out mild for February but still damp cold on Vermont. Have a great week!Love Mary

Rain said...

I sure hope the lighter bandage helps the healing go faster! Sorry to hear that. It snowed here too overnight, very nice and quiet in the woods today!

Nancy said...

Your is the second blog to talk about pigeons. I guess they are a real problem. Makes me wonder if that was what was on the windows of a hotel we stayed in Victoria, BC. It was the second visit to a beautiful hotel, but the second time the windows had great gobs of poo running down the picturesque windows! It looked like they hadn't been cleaned in the two years since our previous visit! We decided not to return.

Hope that sore gets better soon. I'm so happy to hear of your cheer regardless of the obvious pain of it.

Have a lovely Thursday, Herrad!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Hope it will improve too.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the info on slow healing promoting better healing.

Hi Rain,
Think the lighter bandage may help.

Hi Nancy,
Hoping that the wound will heal well soon.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving kind comments.
Hope you are having a good day today.
Keep warm and well.