Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Is Well That Ends Well.

Roberto Matta.

Although yesterday did not begin quite as I wish it had it's certainly became much better after my shower.

Both I and Richie enjoyed a delicious stew he had made along with home-baked bread, desert was ice cream fruit.

The enjoyable evening was concluded with another edition of Later with Jools Holland which was very good.

As usual Jools had old favourites as well as totally new performers; one of those not performing who he talked with was Adam Ant.

The show started with a number by The Killers which was good, they were much better than I remembered them which was nice to see and hear.

The other performers were Jackie De Shannon, Valerie June, Polica, Kristina Train, Cody Chesnutt.

It was a good show and both of us are looking forward to seeing the extended show this Friday night.

At 19.30 our good friend Lin, who runs the British General Stores will come around to have dinner with us, I'm looking forward to it tremendously,, It made me realise that since August 2008 we have not invited anybody to eat with us.
That is a real shame, and it's something that we can change, our plan Is now to regularly invite friends to come and eat with us.

Right now Richie is cooking some delicious curry dishes which he will serve with basmati rice as well as rotis, it smells yummy and I can hardly wait.

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Diane J Standiford said...

You make me so hungry!