Monday, December 28, 2009

Blimey! it is already Monday 28 December.

Blimey it is already Monday 28 December, doesn’t time go by quickly, guess it always did, just there were times when it seemed so very slow.

This is when you are getting to understand how things work; this is when you did not know that every year the big events happen at the same time.

Like birthdays and Christmas and New Year and of course Easter and mid summer, and in Trinidad Divalli and other festivals.

And once you have experienced these events several times, you start to remember them and you start to create a schedule or map for your reference.

After awhile when you get older, you pretty much know when things will happen and time seems to speed up.

It of course just passes at the same speed as it always did and always will it is just my perception is different at 8 than it was at age 8.

It has been a bright, cold day today, according to the weather forecast it is set to get very much colder.

We could have snow and ice for the New Year, that is when we usually get it here and not before Christmas like this year.

In 1981, it was a very cold winter, my first here in Amsterdam; I could not work out how come there were so many people wearing mountaineering boots in such a flat country.

When it got cold I totally understood and quickly got a pair of stout climbing boots, which kept my feet warm.

It snowed before Christmas in 1981 and it stayed until end of February, so I really did need those stout walking boots.

Still need warm footgear just not mountaineering boots, with thick sole just ones with a thick lining.

Going to post this and enjoy watching the dogs lying peacefully in their beds and the sound of a few children playing outside.

It is 4.30 pm and it is still light which is lovely.


Kris said...

I hope you had a wonderful holiday Herrad. And I can't believe how close we are to 2010! EEEK! Take care. xxoo- Kris

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
It has been a pleasant time, now time seems to be speeding up as we get closer to the 31 december.
Enjoy these lovely winter days.
Keep warm.

Charisa said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Beautiful photos :)

Herrad said...

Hi Charisa,
Haappy holidays to you too.
Have a good time.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about time flying by. It's funny, it only seems like it flew by in hindsight! I find the days very long, but at least now they are pleasant for me! It's 4 degrees and sunny here, so odd not to have snow. I wore my sneakers outside for gosh sakes! I'll post some photos on my blog a bit later, all the ice in the harbour has melted, you would think it was August!

mortonlake said...

snow forecast here too few days look bad. we have forgotten that this is what winters used to be like.take care,love mort. xxx never going to moan about mild winters ever again lol

Have Myelin? said...

I will be happy to put 2009 to bed and start a new decade. I would like your email address by the way. =)

Stay warm across the pond.

Joan said...

Hello I have been reading your fournal for a few month now and my nose is really bothering me where oh where do you get all your images from they are always so spectacular.we are still under a foot of snow as I write and well below freezing too. Keep warm my friend. Love Joan

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
It is brilliant that you are having a pleasant time now.
Really happy for you.
Your photos of the harbour and the sky and the sun and your doggies are beautiful.

Hi Mort,
Agree with you I won't be ever moaning about a mild winter again either.
A wee port could be good in this cold weather or a hot toddy.

Hi Sherry,
I totally understand why you want to start a new decade, hope it will be a good one for you.
My email address is
Keep warm and happy.

Hi Joan,
A foot of snow must look spectacular, hope you have plenty of food and are nice and warm at home.

Thanks everyone for coming by, really good to see your comments.
Here we are then nearly the end of the year, looking forward to Thursday and a glass of bubbly to see in the New Year.
Have a good day tomorrow.


Blinders Off said...

Snow or ice is predicted for my neck of the woods starting Wednesday until the end of the year :(

BTW: You are ending the year with some beautiful pictures.

Herrad said...

Hi Debra,
Thanks dfor coming by, lovely to see your comment.
Hope you keep warm and happy through the cold spell.
Glad you like the pictures.

Hi Joan,
You asked where I get all the pictures that I post.
I get them from the internet, I put in a word or the name of an artist and get pages of pictures to choose from.
Have a good day.
Keep warm, wsith one foot of snow,I recommend a hot toddy tonight.