Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Wet Sunday in December

Pop Art.

Yet another grey and extremely rainy day, so rainy the dogs do not seem keen to be outside today.

Slept without problems last night which was very pleasant indeed, had been concerned that it would not happen and I would have to wake up my darling Richie for THC.

I did ask him for some THC when I woke up too early this morning, luckily I slept again as soon as I had inhaled the vapour.

Don’t the weekends go quick one minute it is Friday and then before you know it Sunday is here again,

Had not expected it to go nearly as quick as when I was still working, when Monday always seemed to come round at top speed.

Weekends seemed to last for minutes compared to the days at work, guess going in earlier than I had to must have made it a longer week.

Always thought it was good to be in early, so I could get everything organised for 8 .30 when colleagues would be needing the Service Desk.

Enjoyed my job, liked supporting my colleagues and organising cars, laptops, mobiles, conference rooms, lunches and other things they needed organising for them.

Yesterday I got an unexpected award from Jo@ Diary Of A Sad Housewife.

I would like to pass this on to everyone who reads this blog and hope to see it on lots of blogs.

Let us make the circle of friends a big one; I would like to spread the love to all who visit my blog.

Could you please visit the following blogs and leave a supportive message:


It is very dark now; the rain seemed to have stopped briefly, so Richie and the dogs have gone to the park.

That is good for them, now we will have happy, relaxed dogs which is how we like them, perfect, and there is stew and dumplings and a mince pie (raisins/currant) for desert.

Despite having to struggle to type, my fingers feel like they are glued together life is good.

Have a good new week.


Anonymous said...

Life is pretty good isn't Herrad?
Hope the "kids" have a nice run in the park! It stopped snowing, I'm going to try to get some nice photos, but I opted not to go to the woods today, I'm sure I'll have better luck tomorrow, the trails will be cleared better then.
PS: LOVE that George Bush art, lol...too funny! :)

steve said...

Thanks for your support, Herrad. We'll be hitting the road in an hour or so. Weather should be fine for driving, and BR's travel anxiety seems to be pretty low. It's going to be a slow, safe journey.

Your Monday forecast doesn't look too bad. Hope you catch some rays.

Ana said...

You are amazing Herrad!
I visited the blogs you left the link and met a bunch of...
amazing people.
Thank you for this opportunity.
I only knew Stephany.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad
I saw a Pop art exhibit at the art gallery on Friday night, with some Warhol and Liechtenstein stuff.
Hope your week goes well and I promise to drop by the blogs you mention.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for your visit
Life is pretty good, sometimes the inability to move and the pain gets to me, like now thinking about it has instantly got tears in my eyes.
The dogs had a great time and came home very happy and ate their fish porridge for dinner with great relish.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for coming by, fingers crossed for you both today really hope it goes well.
Big hugs to you both.

Hi Ana,
Thanks for coming by and thanks for visiting the other blogs, they are fine people whose blogs I enjoy visiting very much.

Hi Carole,
Thanks for coming by nice to see your comment.
Often wonder whether that pc company ever apologized to you.

Nancy said...

Always love your blog, Herrad. You have the right attitude - one we all need to aspire to.

Love the pic of Bush and the Statue of Liberty. Very appropriate.

Have Myelin? said...

I will be visiting everyone today. Thank you for the suggestion. =)

Life is precious.

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for coming by, and thanks for your lovely comment.
Funnily enough I did not notice it was Bush right away.

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for your visit too.
Hope you enjoy visiting the other blogs.

Really appreciate you both coming by.