Thursday, December 10, 2009

Father Cristmas in a Helicopter.

Robert Maplethorpe.

For the first time in days I just saw, the sun breaking through the heavy layer of clouds, and it is gloriously beautiful.

Hope it stays like that, when Richie pulled back the curtains this morning, there was beautiful blue sky and sunshine, but within 5 minutes the cloud layer had reasserted itself and there was no trace of either sunshine or blue sky.

If we had not caught that brief moment and had opened the curtains a few minutes later all we would have seen was an overcast, gloomy cold day.

It is starting to cloud over again now, but how lovely for the clouds to have dispersed briefly and for there to be glorious sunshine, even if only for minutes.

Really lifts you when that happens, that is the beauty of being open to the here and now, it is then you will see things like this and appreciate them.

I do now, whereas previously I may have said oh only a couple of minutes of sun is hardly worth is, but it is,

Sounds like the glass half full or half empty, too often in the past my glass was half empty, not now, now my glass is at all times half full and ready for a top up.

Any excuse for a party is happily taken up, visiting Trinidad that one time in 1997, did me a power of good.

It reminded me where I was from and what it was like out there and the personalities and of course the many nationalities, how cosmopolitan it was out there.

Lovely to see so many different peoples co-existing so happily, it is wonderful; to see all the groups celebrate their big holidays together like Eid and Divalli.

Everyone has candles lit on their verandas on Divalli and everyone celebrates Christmas by watching Father Christmas arriving in a helicopter on the Savannah.

Father Christmas used to give all the children an apple from Canada, Christmas in Trinidad meant big beautiful red apples, and we were delighted with this treat.

Stopped there to have a wash and get ready for the experts coming around, on Tuesday I had asked if 3 people could arrive at 14.30 instead of all 6 arriving at 14 pm.

They all agreed and staggered their arrivals, and it worked out very nicely.

Elwin checked whether the chair gave me adequate support, and Ludwine checked that my pelvis was positioned correctly.

They all agreed with me that there were a couple of adjustments that were needed.

Elwin did a couple today, but has to come back on Monday for the last one; he took some of the support away under my armpits as it was not needed plus it was hurting me.

After he does the last adjustment on Monday, I get to ride around in it and they will all be back in January for the final evaluation.

Feel happier about sitting now these small changes have been made, it has instantly become less of an endurance test and more of a pleasure.

Feeling extremely tired now, I sat in the chair from 13. 30 until 18.30 only 3 hours but it felt like even longer.

Richie has been a star today, he got up early and took the dogs out and then came home, did my leg exercises and leg massage and gave me my baclofen pills.

He then hovered and spruced up the apartment, before getting me out of bed and washed and dressed and ready for the appointment.

Not long after 16 pm they all left and I did 40 minutes exercises at the Motomed and chatted with Richie in the front room.

The red Christmas tree looks even prettier than last year, and the dogs and Richie and I were excited that I was in the front room too.

Back in bed tired just after 18.30 pm, we are both looking forward to a pleasant relaxing evening now, one that Richie and I have earned.


Nancy said...

I'm so glad your chair is so much more comfortable! Now you can enjoy your red tree, and maybe be able to go out a bit.

I couldn't agree more about the glass being half full/half empty. It is a frame of mind. We have a choice.

These photographs are very unusual! Love the top one.

Charisa said...

Hope you have a good day!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I love hearing about Father Cristmas.Hope you have a great rest of the week. You can be thankful they are putting this much empathetic effort into your fittings.You will reap the rewards.Love, Mary

Peace Be With You said...

Father Christmas in a helicopter. Now that's an unforgettable image!
I'm glad you had sunshine, however brief.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad Seems like you are making good progress with your chair
I am eating a Fuji apple bought from one of the local farmers. Very crisp and juicy

Rain said...

How neat about the apples!
I'm glad you got the chair re-adjusted Herrad, and that it's becoming a pleasure to sit again!!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, glad to catch up to read and see you've had positive visits and appointments all finished, yes you both deserve a pleasant evening, maybe light a candle and just look at the tree together.


Kris said...

The weather affects me too! It is blistering cold here in NYC. I've had a chill all day. Have a good one!