Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here It Is It Is Old Year's Eve-Enjoy The Moment.

Well here it is it is New Year Eve in Trinidad we called it Old Years Night and it was seen in with big parties.

I slept very well last night and would have slept even longer but was woken up by some kids letting off a big chain of fireworks right under my bedroom window.

Because you have to be an adult to purchase fireworks here, adults, usually parents get the kids their fireworks,

People from here regularly cross the Belgium border for fireworks, as they have heavier ones there.

Then they come back over a border crossing that has no supervision and they set off back to wherever in Holland with enough fire power to take out a small town.

After all this is the same technology, it is just pretty bombs really, my first New Years Eve here I dozed off in front of the TV and got woken up by something that sounded like Beirut being shelled.

It was happening front and back and there was an hour of just reels of Chinese fire crackers going off, and other big noises, two bars and a Chinese restaurant would all try and out do each other it was a solid sustained noise from midnight until 2 am.

I recall really feeling under siege that time.

Really do not like the fact that people give kids fireworks and let them roam around letting them off.

It has been going on since last week and getting more frequent since Monday this week, what is worrying is that kids do not seem to be aware of the risks they are putting themselves into.

Shame that everyone does not contribute to one account for a firework show and a really good show could be put on for the whole city.

Now that would be pretty, somehow there must be a way to make this happen, certainly would cut down on firework related injuries and deaths every year.

This was not the post I meant to write I wanted to write about feeling good today, I am enjoying the day, even the tension in the air that this is the end of the year and the end of the first decade.

Wish so much I could do more things for myself, am very glad I can type with my two fingers like now.

Very glad to be blogging and extremely happy to have been able to meet so many wonderful people via their blogs.

Your friendship, love, support and understanding have really boosted me so very much this year, I thank you all for the chance to get to know and appreciate you all.

Have a good Old year’s Eve and enjoy bringing in the New Year at midnight wherever you are.

Happy days in 2010.

PS Just had a visit freom Willes, our wonderful neighbour with choclates and apples and mandarins and dutch doughnuts fcor us, she is very sweet.


Anonymous said...

Happy Old Year's Eve Herrad!!!!!!
I'm so glad we met! Your friendship has been such a great impact on me and I really am grateful! Have a happy evening!!!

Kris said...

I love that, Old Year's!! Have a great new year Herrad. Looking forward to sharing with you some more. Give a kiss to your doggies for me! xxoo Kris

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Happy New Year to you too, I too am very happy we met and are getting to know each other that is brilliant just like you are.

Hi Kris,
Have a great New Year too, but first enjoy Old Year's Eve.

Thanks for coming by and leaving comments.
Really appreciate it very much.

Ana said...

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

I'm also happy meeting you Herrad!

Stephany said...
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Jen said...

Happy New Year, Herrad. Love you lots!


Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Happy New Year to you too.
I am happy too we met, its brilliant.

Hi Stephany,
Happy New Year to you too.
Big hugs.

Hi Jen,
Happy New to you too, have the best time.
Loved you too.

Thanks everyone for coming by, have a good end of the year.
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
hopefully you all went well into this new year. It will be of much joy to see you throughout the following months. Please have you all a wonderful New Year.

Blinders Off said...

Happy New Year!

MaryAnn Chick Whiteside said...

Visiting your blog is so much fun, even when the posts don't turn out the way you expect/want.

Thank you for your encouragement, your thoughtfulness.

Your two-finger typing provides so much.

May the new year mean happiness and opportunties for you.

Rei said...

Happy New Year, Herrad! May you have a wonderful, healthy 2010! <3


Anonymous said...

I dislike fireworks that are in the hands of children and even some adults. They are illegal here in New York State, but people go across the borders to other states where you can buy them freely. It is not so bad at New Years because it is so cold here, but the 4th of July is awful and I don't feel safe at night and I hate the loud bangs. In the papers the next day you always read about the injuries that sent people to the hospital.

Anyway, I stopped by to wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope 2010 will be a good year for you, health wise and in every other way.

I'm thankful for your blog. I'm glad you are feeling better and are able to type easier.

What a nice friend to stop by and give you those treats. That really is what makes life so special, good friends.

Joan said...

Happy New Year Herrad.Am so glad to have 'met' you this year and am looking forward to all you news in 2010. It seems no time at all since 2000 and we were all celbrating the new milenium. Hope you had a good night Love Joan

Amrita said...

Happy New Year Herrad.

Fire works are free for all affair in India too...pretty dangerous

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for for good wishes and your visit.
We had a good day and afternoon and evening and night.
And here we are in 2010, it is bright and sunny and very cold and icy.
Hope you have a good 1st day of 2010.

Hi Debra,
Thanks for your good wishes and visits, so far it is a good new year hope you have a splendid day.

Hi MaryAnn,
Thanks for your comment, lovely to see it, made me realise that quite often I am surprised how a post went.
Often the writing just happens as if I am just the means to make it happen.
I find that I have to reread afterwards to see what I have written.
I must say I do enjoy writing my blog, would not miss a day now.
Hope you have a good day today.

Hi Rei,
Thanks for your visit and your New Years wishes, hope the New year is a great one for you.
Look forward to visiting your blog soon.
Have an pleasant day today.

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for coming by and wishing me well for this New year, hope it is a good one for you.
Agree with what you say about fireworks, they are potentially dangerous things.
Would be so much better for towns and cities to put on big displays which everyone can enjoy.
Last night was so cold here it drastically reduced the amount of people who were willing to brave the freezing cold north easterly wind.
Have a good day today.

Hi Joan,
Thanks and a Happy New year to you too, it is bright and sunny and freezing cold, wonder what it is like where you live today.
I bet it is very pretty.
I too am glad we met last year,
Have a good day today.

Hi Amrita,
Happy New year to you too, thanks for coming by, it is good to see your comment.
You are right fireworks are dangerous, more than people realise and quite a few don't want to think about it.
Hope your day today is good.

Thanks everyone for coming by, really lovely to see your comments, gave me a huge lift and that and the sunshine outside has made the day even better.
Hope you all have a brilliant first day of 2010.
Let us all live in the moment this year and enjoy everything we possible can.

soulsoprano said...

I am enjoying your blog today, Herrad! I love the "Old Year's Eve" moniker! In our neighborhood, we have adult folks who shoot fireworks to celebrate the holiday, but they don't use any more safety common sense than children, and I agree, children should not be left to use these by themselves, but one thing you cannot legislate is common sense or intelligence. Just have to pray each year no one gets seriously injured, and if we see them doing it in front of our house, we shoo them off and tell them we will call the police to talk to them. Glad you are having a good week, and that you feel the promise of good things for the new year! Happy New Year to you! --Kristen

catlover1968 said...

Happy New Year Harrad!
"Back in the day" my parents only let my brother & I use sparklers on holidays...I know what you mean about all the noise. It sure scares my indoor cats, luckily it was just last night.
I'm hoping for a better year, last year my focus wasn't so much on my MS, as helping Tim get through some scary complications from his diabetes, he has had Type 1 Juvenile, around 32 years, considering that, we are grateful that at least his eyes & kidneys are in pretty good shape. He was able to return to work last week, so I know that has helped him mentally to get back "in the swing of things."
All of my "fur kids" continue to lift my spirits and make me laugh. We've had quite a bit of snow lately, and they love to watch the birds on the deck eating bird food.
The simple act of watching them "chatter and swish their tails" brings joy to me, as I learned years ago, it truly is the "simple things" in life that can mean the most...
Happy New Year Herrad! I hope the noise settles down for you....
Meg Eagle

Herrad said...

Hi Kirsten,
Lovely to see your comment.
Hope you enjoyed your Old Year's eve?
We did and the dogs were pretty calm and happy despite the fireworks.
Best wishes for 2010.

Hi Meg,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Hope you and Tim had a good Old Year's eve too, and your cats did not get distressed by fireworks.
Good news that Tim could go back to work, please give him my best wishes.

Thanks both of you for coming by and leaving c comment.
I hope that 2010 is a good year for you both.
Keep warm.