Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sitting Around.

Street Art.

It was sweet sitting in the front room again, loved watching Richie prepare and cook our dinner, pleasant seeing him chop up the vegetables.

We were both very happy that I was there, so were the dogs, they were delighted and were playing happily for us.

Spike spent most of his time sitting or lying right next to my chair, so Richie would regularly let me know where he was, so I did not roll over him.

Every now and then Richie would say don’t move now, he is lying right between your front wheels, amusingly Spike had to keep his head lowered to sit there.

As soon as I started to sit again it was a shock to discover that it was so exhausting, almost got me down, as I had thought that the adaptation would do it all.

Really could not have foreseen that it would be such a slow process.

Told Richie that I could see now that the idea of me going to the gig on 21 November, a mere three weeks after starting to sit again had been extremely unrealistic.

Richie agreed that it had not been realistic, but reminded me what a big boost it had been for me to think that I might get to the gig.

He said he thought that having a goal had done me a power of good, he is right; it really had cheered me up.

I was buzzing in the weeks after, which was a good feeling, glad Richie reminded me of the positive effects.

Just the thought that it could be possible was so empowering, after 14 long months in bed.

Richie also reminded me that I had got a response from Peter that I had not expected; it had confirmed what I had thought about Peter and The Test Tube Babies.

Really kind of him to mail me back; nice to know he reads my blog, it is always good to make new friends.

Sitting yesterday while good made me aware of the progression of my MS, my right arm is weaker than it was last year, I have built up muscle in my upper arm so it is not strength that I lack.

My arm is just not as flexible, can not move it as fluidly, found eating to be quite a struggle getting the fork up to my mouth.

Thought eating sitting up would be effortless; perhaps with time it will get easier, hope so.

Getting up soon look forward to late afternoon and evening sitting up and enjoying our Saturday evening together.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're sitting around!! I totally agree with Richie, even though you didn't make it to the gig, you were sparkling with positivity and happiness Herrad, so of course that was a very good thing! :)
That's so cute about Spike, ha ha. I hope you have a great day today!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, I imagine Richie felt so good having you out there with him too, to have the feeling of togetherness like that again, for you both and the dogs--is surely a golden moment for you, I am very happy that you have had that.


Stephany said...

PS Spike had figured out that he can block your path, to keep you there right where he wants you! :)

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thanks for the update on your slow and steady progress. We struggle against gravity and you need to regain what you can of your core/trunk muscles.I found the Wii games to be helpful and even deep breathing exercises help relax the abdomen etc.Best wishes. I hope you can get to this concert or next.Take a deep breath and wish it. I also believe "intention" can help drive nerve healing even if scarred. I wish you and yours the best!Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

As everything rare searches for something alike, it seems, as if you two were indeed made for eachother.
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, sitting and having a cup of tea, while watching out of the window.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain;
Thanks for coming by, Friday was a very good day.
Spike is a great dog, keeps me amused all day.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks fro your visit, Richie and I enjoyed me being in the front room, it was very nice.
Your theory about Spike could be right.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your visit and your tips, will try both the deep breathing and the positive thinking.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit too, we are happy together, he is the love of my life.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving comments.
Really appreciate seeing your comments.
Have a good new week.