Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Saturday.

Jorge Damiani
b. 1931 Uruguay.
This morning I woke up early again, this time Richie noticed and got me some thc vapour which helped me to sleep for a few more hours.

Made all the difference for both of us as otherwise I would have ended up not being able to sleep and feeling every cramp and every spasm.

Hate that happening as it makes me moan with the pain and that of course disturbs Richie and wakes him up too often.

Really wish that I did not disturb him so much, there is however nothing that I can do apart from try to relax and stay calm and quiet, not always possible with pain.

I do try my best as I am aware that Richie needs his sleep after being busy with me all day and evening, sometimes even into the night.

Nice surprise tonight when John, a good friend of ours from Glasgow phoned, lovely to speak to him again after a year.

He used to live in Amsterdam but left here in 1996 and moved back to Scotland; think we saw him for the last time in 1999/2000.

Be very nice to see him again, he says he may come over and visit us soon, even sooner if he gets work over here.

Hope to see him, still miss him being in Amsterdam, funny really considering how many years ago it is since he left.

Guess that a good friend’s absence is always missed, there are plenty of other friends that I miss here, and most either went to new places or like John went home again.

Good to be in touch with friends, hear how they are doing and catch up with their news, nice to get John’s call tonight has cheered me up lots.

Since Thursday my catheter problems seem to have stopped for now, should be getting an appointment with the Urologist next week.

Be good to get the supra pubic catheter done as soon as possible so that I will be able to go to the Drive by Truckers concert on the 17 November without worry.

Looking forward to not worrying about my catheter anymore soon, in fact hope very soon now.



Spiny Tim said...

"Drive By Truckers"!Rick Emerson turned me on to them. Have a great time!

Herrad said...

Hi Spiny Tim,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Drive by Truckers are a brilliant band, the real thing.
Looking forward to seeing them immensely.