Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tuesday October 5, 2010. Up And Downs And Sunshine.

Had a funny day today, mostly felt ok in myself, lots of pain but cheerful, the day started off with my hands hurting and my fingernails sticking into the palms of my hands.

This was helped by Richie rubbing my hands and massaging my upper arms and of course by my doing my daily 30 minutes of arm exercises.

Afterwards I sat up, had my calcium/vitamin B and took my baclofen tablets and drank some lemon & ginger tea.

The day was improved by the weather being pretty nice, no rain and intermittent sunshine which was very good for my mood.

Sadly did not get up as early as I intended to and missed out on going out in this afternoon, not going to spend any time at all reproaching myself.

Instead I shall move on and focus on this evening and thoughts of tomorrow where I will ask Richie to get me up early, so he can get me ready in time to make the most of the day.

Think that getting out tomorrow will be good for me, feel that sometimes I do not push enough to go out, think that this is because of spending so much time in bed.

I do not want to shut myself off from life but notice at times that I tend to shy away from things which I have never done before.

Think this is because of having to make the best of things; have to get out of that way of thinking as I no longer need to do that.

Life in all its beauty is out there waiting for me to rejoin it and I want to do so, do not want to settle for second best and neither will I.

Think it is ok for me to feel sorry sometimes and to let my tears flow but have to watch out that I do not get submerged in self pity.

Do not think I will as I am too aware of the pitfalls and want to enjoy every moment of everyday and I will enjoy every moment.


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